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Freshman Lydia Lee plays tennis on the Texas High tennis court. Lee has played since she was three years old.

Making a racket

April 25, 2020

With each new school year brings new promising players for every high school sports team. These young athletes must work throughout their first year to prove they have what it takes to keep up with the upperclassmen they play against. Some have to climb over mountains during all four years to be abl...


April 17, 2020

Q: Where will graduation be held since First Baptist’s sanctuary burned down? If it’s held at Grim Stadium, what time of day will it be? A: We were actually in the process of getting that worked out when all of this happened. And so the conversation as a possibility of course we're considering ...


Male birth control

April 9, 2020

Contraception options for men in the past have not been the most reliable or preferred. With that being said, a more universal practice is the use of condoms. However, condoms have proven to not be completely reliable. More extreme measures like getting an irreversible vasectomy can be scary for men w...


The never-ending world of sports

April 6, 2020

In the world of sports, everybody is familiar with football, baseball and basketball, but there is more to the world of sports than what is being shown on TV. While many enjoy participating in traditional sports, some people get bored of them, which is why they are using their creativity to create enti...


Taking scripture to our screens

April 4, 2020

For many, church is one of the only consistencies in their life. After one’s hectic, stressful week, the only thing they can be sure of is that familiar faces will greet them every Sunday at their place of comfort, their place of refuge. When ideas as important as eternal salvation are regular discussio...

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Senior season swept away

April 3, 2020

Recently, due to the widespreadness of  COVID-19, schools all around the country have been shut down. As a result, all extracurricular activities, including UIL sports, have also been postponed or, in some cases, cancelled. For many seniors this is devastating news.  “It’s a really odd feeling to put it lig...

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A tiger king and his fallen tiger kingdom

April 3, 2020

Finding a place to begin describing “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is difficult. Practically, the only constant in this series is the pure, unadulterated chaos that follows the individuals documented. However, this is by no means a bad thing.  Without a doubt, “Tiger King” is one of ...

Bowie County Health Authority Matt Young responds to the community’s concerns over COVID-19. Young stated that people should be taking this rapidly spreading virus seriously and remain quarantined.

Facing COVID

March 25, 2020

News headlines sweep across the nation. States are on lockdown. Grocery store shelves are vacant. Families continue to fear the unknown. With rising concerns in the community over the COVID-19 pandemic, Bowie County Local Health Authority Matt Young takes his stand on what steps Texarkana should tak...

Bob Bruggeman on COVID-19

March 21, 2020

Video By Assad Malik

Mayor Bruggeman discusses regulations amid COVID-19 outbreak. The City of Texarkana has put new precautions into place to prevent the spread of the virus.

Message from the mayor 

March 21, 2020

On March 16, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that schools in the state of Texas are to remain closed until April 3, 2020 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To address the community's concerns, Texarkana, Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman discussed the changes that will be taking place in the city along ...

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Coronavirus preparations

March 13, 2020

As concerns around the spread of Coronavirus grow, students and faculty also fret over potentially coming in contact with the virus while at school. TISD officials have discussed possible outbreak protocol, but no definitive decisions have been reached.  “Protocols for school districts are ever c...

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What I wish I knew before turning in my choice sheet

March 13, 2020

The academic advisors are, to say the least, incredible and helpful women dedicated to guiding you through your highschool career. Unfortunately though, students will occasionally find it difficult to find the right time to meet with them. Not being able to meet with your academic advisors when the choi...

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