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Many students across the campus have always considered art as nothing more than an extracurricular. However, if was a required core subject, there would be many benefits.

Paint it

Story by Zoe Rushing, staff writer
January 21, 2021
Due to the unfortunate chain of events that occurred in 2020, many students have found themselves having to rethink their future careers.

Careers, college and COVID

Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer
January 18, 2021
One of the most raised questions to everyone's skincare routine is what products will work best for them.

Skincare for all

Story by Katey Pappas, staff writer
January 17, 2021
TISD Superintendent Doug Brubaker discusses  the future of Texas High with the staff of Tiger Times. Brubaker's first day on the job was Jan. 4.

Brubaker’s beginning

Story by Peyton Sims and Doug Kyles
January 14, 2021
For some, Owen Likin's absence may have left a void in multiple Tiger sports, but his incredible ability will live on for years to come. Younger brother Evan, a junior, continues to blaze a trail of success in the cross country, track and swim programs. 

The legacy a sports star left behind

Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer
January 13, 2021
Across the campus, many teachers found their passion while sitting in the same desks that their students sit in now.

From teens to teachers

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor
January 13, 2021
David Peavy poses while standing atop the roof of the Texarkana National Bank. The currently abandoned bank will soon be remodeled into apartment complexes.

Texarkana’s timelessness

Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief
January 11, 2021
Across campus, there's numerous of places that are most suitable for crying. With the stress implemented by school on a daily basis, it can be difficult to fight back the tears.

Sobbing around school

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature story
January 7, 2021
Everyone has a name. It is one of the many things that connects all humans.

Behind the name

Story by Emma Allen, staff writer
January 7, 2021
Why not make school a little less of a drag by expressing yourself in a fun and fashionable way?

How to be fashion-forward at school

Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer
January 6, 2021
With the constant pressure that society puts on the Black community, individuals start to embrace their natural hair.

Naturally not acceptable

Story by Margaret Mutoke, staff writer
January 2, 2021
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