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Role of a lifetime

Role of a lifetime

February 28, 2014

Everyone can feel it. As he moves across our screens, his emotions send shockwaves of feelings into our very hearts. His eyes portray the most innocent form of love, the hardest form of hatred, the deepest form of fear. His characters come to life, and stick with us in the truest way possible. His acting s...

The new boutique, Dressin' Gaudy, is located in the Target shopping center off of Richmond road.

New boutiques get rave reviews

February 28, 2014

Combat boots. Cardigans. Oversized sweaters galore. With many new boutiques in Texarkana, there is no telling what kind of stylish clothing items are available. Ranging from the newest winter clothing to the hottest trends for the spring, these new boutiques are definitely the places to shop and look ...

Senior Alex Frederick looks on as the offense struggles to maintain control of the ball.

Boys’ varsity soccer team loses, expects greater things

February 24, 2014

The boys’ varsity soccer team had their first district loss Friday. With a score of 0-3 against Pittsburgh, the team put up a good fight, but defensive struggles and difficulties passing ultimately resulted in their loss. The Tigers came in to the game with high hopes, hoping to keep their district r...

Freshman Cathryn Payne achieved a personal record at district and will accompany her team as they compete at regionals.

Tigersharks dominate district, expect wins at regionals

February 5, 2014

The whistle sounds as the swimmers focus. “Swimmers, take your mark.” Crouching into position, they prepare to dive in. Beeeeep. And they’re gone. Gone in hopes of winning gold. The Tigersharks made waves at their district meet on Jan. 24-25. Finishing first overall, the team broke seven di...

Sophomore Dylan Gray looks forward to returning to the pool after recovering from a collapsed lung.

No air

January 30, 2014

Take a breath. Just breathe. But the pain is too much. Sophomore Dylan Gray suffered from a collapsed lung on Dec. 18 and was taken to Wadley Hospital for treatment. “One morning at swim, I had pain up and down the left side of my body,” Gray said. “I thought I was having heart problems. I ...

Boys' varsity soccer team reflects during their game against Henderson.

Kicking into high gear

January 24, 2014

The white and black ball rolls around on the grass during both morning and late afternoon practices. The cleats run back and forth tearing up the grass in preparation for many upcoming games. The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are preparing for the season that has just begun. “We are preparing by...

Sophomore Emily McDonald balances theater life with school life.

Behind the character

January 24, 2014

From calling cues into her headset to standing in the spotlight showcasing her talent, this girl does it all. Most people can generally see her, darting around the theater, working on something. She lives and breathes theater, and it’s very obvious in the way she carries herself and who her friends ...



January 18, 2014

The red. The white. The blue. The black worn by the families who have lost their soldier. The suicide rates among veterans have reached an all time high.  According to CNN, 22 veterans succumb to their depression and end their lives. That is the equivalent of a suicide every hour and one more lov...

Asher enjoys helping students pick out their favorite books.

Mama Asher

January 17, 2014

A never-ending herd of kids fills her home. A never-ending pile of books fills her desk. A never-ending list of jobs fills her resumé. A never-ending stream of love fills her heart. Melinda Asher is our newest library aide, the assistant to the librarian. Asher helps students check books “in” and “o...

Junior Kendall Link has dedicated 11 years to dance.

The dancer’s life

January 15, 2014

The curtain rises on a stage. In the center stands a girl ready to start her dance. The music starts, and she starts her routine that she’s worked so hard to perfect. The audience is wowed, standing to their feet as she finishes. It’s a standing ovation. The girl is junior Kendall Link. She’s ...

Mistletoe Fair to open this weekend

Mistletoe Fair to open this weekend

Story by Caroline May, staff writer

November 22, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Warm, seasonal smells and red and green decorations fill every shop in town. Parents and grandparents scramble through their loved ones’ long Christmas lists and hope they can find everything they want within this small town. The best place to get into the...

Junior Jalissa Trotter is excited to get back on the court.

Get’cha head in the game

November 22, 2013

The girls’ varsity basketball team is feeling unbeatable, even though the season hasn't begun yet. The Tigers won all three of their scrimmage matches on Nov. 6. Despite playing against a series of unrelenting opponents, the girls never faltered. "We played Redwater, Pleasant Grove and New Boston...

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