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Her baby boy

Her baby boy

Story by Addison Cross and Molly Kyles February 11, 2020

Leonard Parks had big feet. In fact, his mother claims that he went up one shoe size every year. When he was 9, he wore a size nine, at 10 he wore a size 10, and so on. At 17 years old, he wore size 16...

OPTIONS student Hannah Spencer stands outside the OPTIONS building. Spencer has spent her sophomore and junior years in the alternative learning facility.

Another option

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer February 10, 2020

There are students whose laughter drowns out the tardy bell as they stroll between classes with friends. There are students who march along the hallways in stampedes, racing across school to avoid earning...

Law enforcement teacher Michelle Shannon stands against a bulletin board in her classroom. Shannon served as a law enforcement officer before becoming a teacher.

From enforcing to educating

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer January 17, 2020

Upon first glance into criminal justice teacher Michelle Shannon’s classroom, a theme in decoration is remarkably apparent. Her room is covered in blue paper and workplace pride. Patrol cars and policemen...

Bobbichrystena Hatchett discusses strategies to involve more students in school activities and organizations.

Speak your mind

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer January 16, 2020

Before, she was quiet, missing that push to stop being a follower and start being a leader. The opportunity came when sophomore Bobbichrystena Hatchett was asked to join a new program for Texas High, Leader...

Photo illustration by Caden Rainwater. Experiences in high school and collegiate basketball and a strengthened faith gave Jacob Skinner a new perspective on coaching.

Skinner comes home

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor January 14, 2020
Previous head basketball coach takes back his position
Junior Macy Sloan pets her horse, Jazz. Sloan has participated in competitive dressage events for the past four years.

Saddling up for success

Story by Doug Kyles, staff writer January 10, 2020

Training an animal triple one’s size to move gracefully with just a pull of the reigns is no easy feat. When the movements are scrutinized by a panel of judges who are trained to notice every mistake,...

Photo Illustration

Blissfully solitary

Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer December 18, 2019

Sophomore Ryan Hampton is an average student, but, unlike most of the student body, she has grown up solitary, with only her mother to keep her company. She had to grow up without knowing both the joy...

Helen Clark Hayes poses with her nutcracker doll. The nutcracker was a gift from her mother to celebrate her receiving the lead role of Clara.

All it’s cracked up to be

Story by Addison Cross and Joseph Asher December 12, 2019

Breathing heavily, she counts her steps across the stage, dancing gracefully in her pointe shoes. Hours in, with feet sore from blisters, a racing heartbeat and a face full of exhaustion, she prepares...

Photo Illustration. Freshman Jlijah Wright poses for a photo. Wright suffered an amputation of one of his toes.

More than a stubbed toe

Story by Addison Cross, editor in chief December 2, 2019

Freshman Jlijah Wright was racing through his house when he rammed his toe into a pipe in the ground. What started as a stubbed toe, however, soon became a trip to the emergency room and more pain than...

Photo Illustration. Senior Samuel Hacker poses for a photo. Hacker grew up as an orphan in Russia, focused on fending for himself and his younger sister.

Welcomed home

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor December 1, 2019

Samuel Hacker didn’t have a choice. Living in an abandoned house in Russia at 18 months old, he fended for himself. He didn’t have money, parents or food, but he did have his 8-year-old sister. Samuel...

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An inclination for acceleration

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer November 19, 2019

Despite sophomore Sebastian Nichols’ infatuation with sports, he is seldom found on the basketball or tennis courts. Instead, his passion lies on the race track. Nichols is devoted to cycling, a hobby...

Senior Mya Bowers cheers for the Texas High Tigers as they play against Liberty Eylau. This was the first home game of the season for Texas High.

For better or for worse

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer November 15, 2019

It’s close to the end of the 4th quarter, shouting and screaming begins as the tuba songs starts off. Everyone gets close and starts chanting a student section chant to the beat. Getting louder and louder,...

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