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A pool full of obstacles

Senior Jackson Shellogg cheers on his teammate at a swim meet in Dallas, Texas. Shellogg strives for excellence while overcoming his dyslexic disability.

Story by Logan Diggs, staff writer

February 10, 2019

Jackson Shellogg stands behind the block at the state meet in Dallas, Texas, cleaning his goggles and preparing to race his opponents. When the final whistle is blown and all of the swimmers are told to get up, Jackson panics. He looks left and right and realizes one thing— he forgot to take his medicine....

Dropped the ball

The Lady Tigers were defeated 51-55 in their game against the Royce City Bulldogs. This was the game to determine whether or not the Lady Tigers would go into District undefeated.

Story by Madison Brown, managing editor

January 31, 2019

The girls varsity basketball team was sadly defeated in their game against Royce City on Fri. Jan. 25. Although they put up a good fight for the majority of the game, the rival team came out ahead with a score of 55-51. The game started out intense. The Lady Tigers fought hard for control of the ba...

Lady Tigers defeat Paris Lady Cats

In a game against the Paris Lady Cats, sophomore Janie Rounds moves the ball down field. The Lady Tigers won 4-1.

Story by Maddie Anderson and Ashlyn Winters

January 30, 2019

Girls varsity soccer team defeated the Paris LadyCats 4-1 Jan. 29 at Tiger stadium. This was Coach Hillary Cloud’s first game back from maternity leave. “At the soccer game, our main coach, Hillary Cloud, came back. I believe that she really helped us understand the game more. Before the game an...

Meeting a legend

Junior Owen linkins has exemplified exceptional performance throughout his high school cross country and track career. Linkins owes much of his motivation from his Olympic track hero, Carl Lewis

Story by Caden Rainwater, staff writer

January 29, 2019

Junior Owen Likins chooses to envelop his life into his greatest passion: running. As an example of great diligence and hard work, Likins has been running with the best of Texas High since his freshman year. Many have taken notice of his talent and he has been invited to many cross country meets aro...

Tigers on top

Senior Demarquis Vaughn attempts to pass the ball. The Tigers won against Lindale on Jan. 15.

Story by Caden Rainwater, staff writer

January 24, 2019

The varsity basketball team defeated the Lindale Eagles Jan. 15 in a close game that resulted in a game clinching breakaway in the final quarter for a score of 68-49. In the first quarter, senior Kyle Wright had the crowd on their feet after knocking down five three pointers, his last of the quarter ...

Don’t bet on it

Don't bet on it

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

January 18, 2019

In high school, the chances of receiving an athletic scholarship for any given sport are slim. With other athletes from all over the country competing for the same opportunity, the standards are set high. Even then, those who do excel at their sport often make the risky decision of relying on their at...

The better tiger

Junior Kerrighan Dunn is traveling across the court with possession of the ball. The Lady Tigers won their most recent game on Jan. 11.

Story by Jhovany Perez and Victoria Van

January 15, 2019

In the midst of basketball season, the Lady Tigers continue to destroy the competition. They remain undefeated in district play, 3-0 with high hopes for the rest of the season. On Jan. 11, the Lady Tigers defeated the Mount Pleasant Tigers with a score of 63-29. “There’s definitely a rivalry between th...

Tigers versus Tigers

A Tiger basketball player looks to rush away from a Mount Pleasant defender. The Tigers defeated the Mount Pleasant Tigers 58-55.

Story by Craig Crawford and Cameron Murry

January 12, 2019

The boys basketball team defeated the Mount Pleasant Tigers 58-55 on Jan. 11. Texas High finished the first quarter with a score of 23-11. “Luckily, we came out hot,” senior Cole Drumm, who plays power and small forward said. “We came out strong we had a lot of intensity in the beginning of t...

Off the pitch

Senior John Powell goes up to win a ball against a Marshall defender in a district match. Powell looks to be a leader for the team in his final season at the helm.

Story by John Morgan, sports editor

January 6, 2019

Q. How does the team look to focus after a rough season last year? A. We got a new coach this season, so our focus has shifted more toward defense this year. That’s what really killed us last year, so that’s what we need focus on. Q. You have grown a lot as a player over the years. What woul...

More than black and white

Senior John Powell dribbles through the Pine Tree defense in a district game. The boys’ team looks to overcome adversity and find some success this season.

Story by John Morgan, sports editor

January 2, 2019

Your reputation speaks for itself. Unfortunately, you’re not always the one who gets to choose it. The boys’ soccer team is looking to shed the past as they embark on a new season. After a winless district record last year, they hope reinvent their identity in a new district and with new leade...

New coach, new year

Senior Abigail Deleon (4) shields the ball from a Sulphur Springs defender with support from former senior Jillian Ross and senior Sarah Jane Paddock. file photo

Story by April Alvarado, opinion editor

January 2, 2019

Two years ago, Coach Holly. Last year, Coach DeLeon. This year, Coach Cloud. The Lady Tigers soccer team will start their season on Jan. 14 with new coaches on both varsity and JV. Coach Hillary Cloud has taken over varsity, and Coach Leslie West over JV. This is the second time in two years that t...

Racing against time

At the annual CASA color run, sophomore Caden Rainwater treks on despite the rain.

Story by Caden Rainwater, staff writer

December 21, 2018

Everyone remembers the days of elementary school when everyone would test their speed against their friends for the honorable bragging rights. For me, the bragging rights were never in my hands, and in my mind, I was the slowest human being on the planet. Life was pretty rough. The simple speed at w...

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