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Warning of the invisible beast

Warning of the invisible beast

September 10, 2020

Suicidal tendencies in people all over the United States have risen in recent years. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide has become the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. alone. This is especially true when it comes to teenagers. Between toxic social media pointing out eve...

Graphic by Margaret Debenport

Fuel for change

September 26, 2019

The principal comes over the intercom. This is just a drill. We hide in the darkest corners of rooms, away from doors and windows and under desks. One or two laughs might be heard to break through the anxious air. But there is an overall seriousness to our hiding. We are anxious. We are anxious becau...

graphic by Victoria Van

Thinking elementally

March 14, 2019

Mental health plays an integral part in every student’s academic career, directly affecting their ability to conduct themselves in everyday situations, classroom environments, and professional settings. A student’s success may be in jeopardy if their mental health inhibits their focus and their ...

graphic by Victoria Van

Subject to the jurisdiction of prejudice

December 21, 2018

Every six weeks is like a routine. The newspaper staff goes through our usual process. Sit down. Discuss current events. Decide what issue the students care about. Write and publish a story. And like all issues, forget. But, we can’t forget. How could we when the futures of some of our student body are...

This school year, administration makes changes to benefit students in a positive way. Photo illustration by Victoria Van

A positive outlook

November 4, 2018

As we walk through the hallways, students sense a different setting around them. There is loud chatter among students; laughter erupts from them. There’s something distinct about this year. It’s more than just new administrators, new teachers and new students. It’s the atmosphere, a welcoming one...

Students are expected to live up to high standards academically but suffer when it comes to being prepared in the real world— the future of one's career.

The future of your career

October 16, 2018

High school is the intersection of a large number of social constructs: cooperative socialization, child development  and professional development, among others. Society has come to a consensus that education is the road out of poverty, the road to higher ground. This road, however, does not come without i...


Look ahead to safety

April 12, 2018

Since 2013, there have been more than 300 school shootings in America. There have been at least 17 shootings in 2018 alone, averaging more than once a week. Students don’t think it will ever happen to them until it does. Under the shadow of this threat, schools must step up to the plate to make their...

Illustration by Victoria Van

Taking our bodies back

March 13, 2018

The first word is a snowflake. Seemingly harmless at first, and not cold enough for anyone to say anything about. But when one snowflake falls, hundreds are bound to follow, and soon the cold words pile up into a frozen avalanche, silencing the ones inside. Sexual assault can, and often does, start with...

Our right to write

November 3, 2017

We sit in a circle, squeezing onto couches, disregarding any sense of personal space we might have possessed. There is a chatter among us, the sound of loud laughter and people groaning overdramatically as they are forced to accommodate the arrival of one more body on the couch. As one of the editors...

Who owns it?

Who owns it?

December 3, 2015

The debate over students’ ownership of intellectual property started when a student in Lewisville, Texas used the school’s equipment to take pictures of a sporting event and posted them on his Flickr account. Flower Mound High School ordered Anthony Mazur to take down the photos, and had all photogr...

Art department needs more strokes of approvement

Student works on sculpture during art class

Story by Madeline Hunley, news editor

February 26, 2014

The halls of Texas High are filled with students a part of various likings. Theater, clubs, sports, dance, and, last but not least, art. The art department may not be the most popular group, but it is one of the most hardworking sectors at Texas High. With this in mind, more recognition should be given ...

Editorial: Just a regular day

December 17, 2013

“This is not a blow off class,” a phrase frequently argued by many teachers. Their objective as the educator is to provide a path for success to every student by teaching them to integrate creative thinking and problem solving methods in order to achieve answers. While many students who attend either AP or DC classes would undoubtedly agree that their curriculum encourages critical thinking skills, the same cannot be said about those that attend regular, or as they are often called, easy classes. While it can be argu...

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