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Presidential candidate Vermin Love Supreme, a performance artist, anarchist and activist, marched during a protest march on Sunday, September 2, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to run from September 4th-6th. (Jeff Wheeler/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

A tyrant you can trust

Story by Grey Johnson, staff writer April 14, 2020

We hear speeches from famous figures, read books about important subjects and watch the news for life-changing events. There are many ways in which an idea can be delivered to the public. However, it seems...

Graphic by Brooke Knight.

Keep it to yourself

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer April 13, 2020

Almost every kid in America has heard their mom say those famous words after being scolded for talking about someone in a less-than-pleasant way. "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say...

Junior Makenzie Hofert poses with her guitar. She has adopted new hobbies, such as playing instruments, during this time of social distancing.

Social distancing diaries

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer April 12, 2020

Over the past week, I have documented what I’ve done during this entire isolation period. There have been numerous ups and downs to being forced to stay at home. I found many new hobbies to take up some...

Graphic by Allyson Smith.

Hollywood horrors

Story by Emma LeFors, staff writer April 11, 2020

As we watch the newest marvel movie, or see our favorite celebrity singing on stage, we dream of fame and all the benefits that come with it. The fortune and the adoration that comes with being a celebrity...

Submitted photo.

A disappointed delegate

Story by Jenna Williamson, advertising editor April 9, 2020

The United States Senate Youth program is a time when two delegates from each state have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for an event named Washington Week.  Throughout seven days, delegates...


An attempt to bridge the gap

Story by Sydney Rowe, staff writer April 6, 2020

The majority of kids don’t always see eye to eye with their parents.  Parents can sometimes be judgmental about the things their kids like because they didn’t grow up with it or aren’t completely...

Photo Illustration by Sophie Spakes

What I wish I knew before turning in my choice sheet

Story by Phoebe Neff, staff writer March 13, 2020

The academic advisors are, to say the least, incredible and helpful women dedicated to guiding you through your highschool career. Unfortunately though, students will occasionally find it difficult to...

Photo Illustration

Are you fueling bad?

Story by Margaret Debenport, opinion editor March 4, 2020

Grabbing a bag of chips or a scoop of ice cream after school for the sake of “de-stressing” is something any high school student running on little sleep could probably admit to. However, relying on...

Clouds hang above the city of Hong Kong.

From a distance

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer February 7, 2020

“What about the protests?” I fell silent in anticipation of her answer. My tour guide was in deep thought about how to approach my mom’s question as we rode to our hotel. With only a few seconds...

Photo illustration by Margaret Debenport. A young woman clutches her keys in a parking lot.

Safety First

Story by Staff February 5, 2020

There is no arguing that changes in society have created an atmosphere of worry and danger. An atmosphere in which young women alter the way they complete certain tasks in order to ensure their own safety...

Graphic by Makenzie Hofert

The cost of our health

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer December 21, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry has taken advantage of their power through the years, so it seems. The prices to needed prescriptions have skyrocketed beyond the necessity, people in dire financial situations...

Photo Illustration

Our mistakes shouldn’t define us

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer December 20, 2019

People aren’t perfect, and when given the power to make choices and decisions, they can make mistakes. Too often these lapses in judgement alter people’s perceptions of us, whether or not they should. In...

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