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Photo Illustration. A student is handcuffed to their backpack symbolizing the restraint of homework over school breaks.

The holiday break burden

Story by Doug Kyles, staff writer November 27, 2019

While the last teacher is home and ready to enjoy the holidays, the farthest thing from a student’s mind is the school they just left, but they are still trapped. Many students see the homework they...

Screenshot of Miranda Sings' video in which she uses Tiger Times photographer Peyton Sims' photo without consent.

Copy cat

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor November 13, 2019

Photographers worldwide are trapped in a never ending cycle in which they must endure the pain of copyright infringement. Whether a photo you took on Instagram is reposted without your consent, or you...

A student in wood shop works on a project in class. Students in courses that prepare them for a trade are given many opportunities that can benefit them in the job field.

Blue collar stigma in a white collar society

Story by Bailey Hawkins, staff writer November 1, 2019

Some students confide in their teachers that the easiest way for them to learn is through hands-on activities; whether that be working on a car engine, electrical circuits, hairstyling or even building...

Photo illustration. Junior and foreign exchange student Ruth Heinemann poses for a photo.

There’s no place like home

Story by Ruth Heinemann, staff writer October 31, 2019

When someone says “I’m homesick,” most people don’t take the concern seriously. A reason for that might be that many people perceive this feeling as something only children struggle with. But homesickness...

Photo Illustration

Book Upgrade

Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer October 15, 2019

Reading has gone through a long and exhausting evolution. It has gone from some people not being able to read, to reading being for a narrow demographic, and now, even with all of our new technologies...

Older influences

Older influences

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer October 9, 2019

Beginning from the earliest moments of my childhood, I always sensed there was something different about my parents. It wasn’t how my mother smothered my three-year-old head with nauseating amounts of...

Photo Illustration

Top types of food Texarkana needs to have

Story by Stephanie Jumper, staff writer October 4, 2019

If there’s one thing that unites all people, it’s food. Everybody likes to eat. However, Texarkana, despite its abundance of American and Mexican options, is deprived of several other cuisines that...

Photo submitted by Kate Morgan

In someone else’s shoes

Story by Kate Morgan, feature editor September 28, 2019

Rain crashes on the bamboo floor of our Philippine home. The walls quake with the occasional boom of thunder. I can make out the figures of girls who decided that it would be better to stand outside in...

Graphic by Margaret Debenport

Fuel for change

September 26, 2019

The principal comes over the intercom. This is just a drill. We hide in the darkest corners of rooms, away from doors and windows and under desks. One or two laughs might be heard to break through the...

School marshal students demonstrate scenario exercises with simulated firearms as part of a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement training at Windermere Elementary School in 2018. [AMANDA VOISARD / AMERICAN-STATESMAN]

Guns in our safe place

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer September 25, 2019

School shootings can happen on a campus at the most unexpected times. On June 21, a 15-year-old student in Flint, Michigan was shot in a parking lot right outside Carman Ainsworth High School. On May 17,...

The lines continue to grow as students wait to pick their lunch. The students rushed to the lunch line to get first pick of their food.

The long awaited ideal school lunch

Story by Makenzie Hofert, staff writer September 25, 2019

The students of Texas High have been ready for new changes involving their school lunch since the moment they first stepped foot into the lunch lines. Crowds of starving teens bust through the cafeteria...

Submitted photo

America: a first impression

Story by Ruth Heinemann, staff writer September 25, 2019

America is probably one of the most prejudged countries in the world for good and bad reasons. That is why most of the exchange students, including myself, already had a lot of stereotypes in their head...

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