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Spirituality through song

Most teenagers have a certain pastime. Whether it be sports or academics, students have fun doing what they love. But for senior Cody Lee, music is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of displaying his beliefs and exploring his spirituality through song.
“I play my music to try to speak to people with what goes on through my life,” Lee said. “I walk around a lot with a smile on my face, but a lot of stuff goes on mentally inside my head.”
Lee looks at his problems and life as inspiration for songs and ways of reaching out to others through his spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.
“I try to show people what God has done in my life,” Lee sad. “I don’t believe in religion, I don’t believe in Christianity, I believe in Jesus. I believe He died on a cross and He deserves more than a religion.”
With his spirit-filled songs and easy to relate to lyrics, Lee recently released a six songs album titled Be Still. While showing off a coffee shop acoustic sound, Lee tries to make sure that each song has a definite message and makes people think about and reflect on their own lives.
“[I wrote a song titled] ‘Be Still’ because I like to talk a lot,” Lee said, “and when I pray to God, it’s always me talking; I never give God time to talk to me. One day, God was like ‘Cody, be still and let me talk.’”
Be Still was recorded at SMART Productions in Nash, Texas, and has impacted many people in Texarkana for its meaning and creativity.
“Cody’s music is both catchy and inspiring,” junior Meg Icenhower said. “It puts me in the best moods and is very spiritual, which is a plus.”
With his CD completed and positive feedback, a friend offered Lee a to get his music more publicized.
“My friend is starting up a music managing company,” Lee said, “and he said he wanted to start it off with me to get my music out there.”
Though possible opportunities of bigger things are abroad, Lee always makes sure to never let anything go to his head. His main objective is to spread Christ’s message to his peers and to show love to anyone in need of it.
“My goal in life is not to be known for my music,” Lee said, “but for what Jesus has done through me and I hope that I am already doing so.”

Click the link below to check out some of Cody Lee’s music

Be Still

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Spirituality through song