Genghis Grill: Review

Story by Dylan Pitman

I recently visited Texarkana’s newly added location of the Mongolian stir fry franchise Genghis Grill with the usual food review mindset. What should I get? Will I like what I get? Will this be a waste of money? But after the first bite, only one thought came to mind: Genghis Grill, where have you been all my life?

I walked in to a great restaurant setting. The tables are comfortably close together, but they give you plenty of personal space. Entering the restaurant, get a whiff of the delicious smells of the grill and the different flavors of the meals. The overall atmosphere was great.

The service was helpful and kind. If you had never been to the restaurant, they made sure you feel right at home and comfortable. The waiters really live up to what they are getting paid to do. Be sure to tip them well. They deserve it.

Last, the food, and most importantly for this restaurant, the food process. Getting your food is both different but very simple as well. In the first step, you are given a small bowl and you choose your protein. Whether it be chicken, beef, marinated steak, pepperoni, fish, or anything, you can choose however much you want. I personally chose chicken, steak, and shrimp.

Next, you choose your seasoning. I recommend the garlic, steakhouse blend and cajun options. Just like your protein, you can put as much seasoning as you want. After seasoning, you choose your vegetables. With many different varieties, be sure to stack your veggies high because they will shrink. Don’t forget to grab an egg as well before you leave for the next step. After that, you choose your sauce. Make sure you taste your sauces before you mix your food to get the perfect taste. I chose teriyaki because, like foods that start with “baja”, I’ll eat anything that says teriyaki in the name as well. In the last step of the creation process, you choose your starch, you have the choice between things like fried rice, white rice and noodles. After you have made all of your choices, you can decide between watching the chefs cook your meal on the grill or going to sit down. There are so many possible combinations, so make your choices wisely. When it’s ready, your server brings your meal out in a bigger bowl, and your adventure begins.

After the first bite, the flavors began to explode. The grilled steak always goes well with the sweet teriyaki and chicken. The taste was indescribable. I don’t even know what vegetables I got, but the flavors from the shrimp, fried rice and eggs complemented them well. Be sure to try soy sauce with whatever meal you make because, personally, it always makes everything better. All of this delicious experiment for only $10.81 on the dot. So it’s like Shogun and Osaka but cheaper.
Overall, I had a fantastic time at Genghis Grill. The food, service and atmosphere all work together to make a great restaurant experience. I will caution you on one thing: be sure to stack everything in your bowl as high as you can. That means more food and that’s always a good thing.