There’s an app for that


Story by Madison Sewell, Staff Writer

The iPhone.

A device no bigger than your hand, but full of infinite possibilities.

Safari. Camera. Texting. Notes. Maps. Youtube.

Just a few basic features already installed in your handy dandy smartphone.

The real jewel, however, among the basics, would be the app store.

With more 425,000 apps available for download, there is literally “an app for that,” and whether you’re on long car rides, sitting in a doctor’s office or just bored out of your mind, the iPhone is the ultimate go-to source of entertainment.

If you’re like me, however, and have no idea which of the hundred thousand apps to choose from, finding the most fun and interesting ones seems nearly impossible. After trial and error and months of testing random apps out, there a few that definitely shine and should be a part of everyone’s iPhone experience.

Starred rating in the app store: 5 stars.

My No. 1 go to app for boredom.

Basically, StumbleUpon! is a search engine app. What’s different about it is, you pick out of a list of more than 550 choices of things that interest you, whether it be from cooking to mythology to sociology to fashion. You choose any number of interests as you please and then simply click “stumble” and StumbleUpon! finds photos, videos and websites that fit your personal interests.

StumbleUpon! has constantly turned up interesting articles or videos to entertain me during long car rides, and I always come out of the app knowing something I hadn’t know before. Infinite amounts of knowledge at your fingertips, and the best part? It’s free.

Pandora Radio.
Starred rating in the app store: 4 Stars.

Ah, Pandora. You’re own personalized pocket radio. Pandora is a lot like StumbleUpon in the sense that the song choices are picked by your determined personal preferences. To create your own “station,” you just type the name of a song, or artist and Pandora creates a station of songs that are similar to that artist/song. You can also bookmark a song/artist that you come across and particularly like so you can download it later. The only downfall are pop up ads (what do you expect from a free app?), and being unable to skip songs you don’t like after about five or so skips. However, there’s nothing like dubstep radio to dance around to while cleaning your  room on a Sunday, so Pandora is definitely a yes for music lovers everywhere.

Starred rating in the app store: 4 ½ Stars.

Calling, texting, and facetime. These have been the go to forms of keeping in touch with friends, but now we have a new addition to the family: Heytell. HeyTell is just like texting, but you use your voice. Inside jokes between you and a friend? No problem! Just type in a contact, press the “hold and speak button” and begin talking into your phone. Simple as that. HeyTell then sends your voice message instantly to whomever you choose. Whenever you receive a “HeyTell” back from your friend, you receive a push notification and can listen to it by simply pressing the play button. You can also scroll through past messages and listen to old HeyTells. It may not sound like much but this app is the bomb and so much fun once you get into it.

Fruit Ninja.
Starred rating in the app store: 4 ½ stars.

Finally a game! Well, the point to this riveting, addicting game is to… cut fruit? Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “What’ so fun about slicing different types of fruit throw in the air?”

Exactly that. Fruit ninja is fast paced and loads of fun. There are different modes to choose from including classic, zen, and my personal favorite, arcade mode. There is a free version of this app and a “full” version for 99 cents.

Other personal favorites of mine are Angry Birds (if you don’t know what that is you must be living in cave), Hanging with Friends, Cut Strings, and Doodle Jump. You can decide for your own.

The iPhone is full of choices. Finding apps maybe difficult, but there are so many great ones to choose from it’s hard to go wrong. Just check out the “Top 25” to find new ones and try them out! It’s all your own opinion and have fun with it.

Stay app surfing tigers,