Huh? Podcast, you say?

Huh? Podcast, you say?

Story by Mackenzie Philips, Staff Writer

Podcasts. Ever heard of them? Ever wonder what they are? What they’re used for? How and where to get them? Well here’s a little info.

A lot of people have heard of podcasts but don’t know exactly what they are. By definition, podcasts are audio or video files or recordings that are usually part of a themed series and can be downloaded from a website to a computer or media player.

I, like most people, download my podcasts from the iTunes store. I really like them because these nifty pieces of media are absolutely free! Every single podcast in the iTunes store is free and you will never have to pay a cent to listen to/watch them.

Podcasts are also entertaining, but can be informative and helpful as well. Every podcast is put into a general category. These categories range from health to sports to technology and many others. Then the podcasts are put into a subcategory. After finding a category that interests you, you can see all the podcasts that fall under that category.

Once you find a podcast you might be interested in, you can listen to part of it and decide if you want to download it. Then you might also decide that you want to subscribe to get new podcasts from that provider and download previous podcasts. Some providers put out new podcasts weekly, monthly, or  just whenever.

Personally, I enjoy just about anything from NPR (National Public Radio) and the Comedy and the Science & Medicine categories. Here are a few podcasts I enjoy;

NPR: Car Talk: This podcasts is about exactly what the title suggests. Cars. Now, with me being a girl, if you want to be stereotypical, you’re probably wondering why I would listen to a podcast about cars, of all things. I love this podcast because of the hosts. Tom and Ray Magliozzi. These two brothers have great chemistry on air and always crack me up. And the callers can also be quite interesting. I also like this podcast because I feel like I actually learn a little something.

How To Do Everything: Ian and Mike talk about anything and everything from catching fish with your bare hands to how to treat a jellyfish sting. Ian and Mike usually call up someone else to help discuss the topic at hand. I like this podcast because Ian and Mike make the topics interesting, even if they might seem a little boring or odd.

Dilbert Animated Cartoons: These little videos last less than a minute each and are exactly like the comic you’ve probably seen in the Sunday paper. I like this podcast because I have always enjoyed reading Dilbert comic, as long as I’ve been able to understand them, and when I found this podcast, I had to get it.

These are just some that I get a kick out of. There is a very wide variety of podcasts to be found. And now that you know a little more, you can find your own podcasts.