10 ways to know you’re a nerd

10 ways to know youre a nerd

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Story by Angela Derrick, Staff Writer

10 ways you know you’re a nerd:

1. You carry a dictionary in your fanny pack.

2. Your glasses look like your grandma wore them in high school.

3. You wear suspenders with every outfit of the week.

4. You think texting is over-rated.

5. You read more books than you watch T.V.

6. You get your life confused with Harry Potter’s.

7. You spend more time with your algebra teacher than with your own family.

8. Your idea of excitement is sticking two different flavors of jellybeans in your mouth at the same time.

9. You forget to take off your superman cape before you get out of the car when you arrive at school.

10. Mozart is your favorite composer.