Hot Links: Super Bowl Commercials

Hot Links: Super Bowl Commercials

Story by Riley Rogers, Staff Writer

If you are like me then you are a little disappointed by this year’s Super Bowl. The commercials just didn’t seem as good as they normally are. However, there were a few that were just as good as always.

I may be biased because M&Ms are my favorite candy, but I thought the commercial was hilarious.

M&M commercial

Doritos did it again, they made another commercial that had Super Bowl fans laughing until they cried. Every year, they seem to get funnier and funnier.

Doritos Commercial

Chevy brings a comical approach to the prediction of the end of the world in their Super Bowl commercial this year.

Chevy Commercial

Although this year’s Super Bowl commercials, to me, seemed lacking, some companies still created entertaining commercials.

Chrysler Commercial

This is not your typical commercial; this one was so creative it makes your jaw drop.

OK GO Commercial