Things to do over Labor Day

Things to do over Labor Day

Story by Davis Payne and Jacob Hill, Co-Entertainment Editor and Managing Editor

Labor day offers new students a much needed break from the hassle of getting back into school. To get the most out of your Labor Day experience, you can try out these time-tested activities guaranteed to give you a good time before school really starts.

Lake Trip
Just hanging out with your friends for a day already gives you a nice break. If you couple that with water sports that almost always end in a 35 mph wipeout, well, you can’t go wrong. Going out on the lake will keep you occupied and delivers a variety of ways to violently crash into the water. You can just chill on the tube or knee-board, but also have the choice to show off on the wakeboard and water skis. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because you will all have a collection of bruises to show off.
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A less radical option than the lake trip, yet still close to the water where you can get all the mosquito bites you want. Fishing is the perfect way to get that sporty feel while all you have to do is sit and relax. All you need is a rod and reel with a few different baits and lures to use. Then just get a couple of friends, go to the nearest decent sized pond, and hang outdoors for a few hours.
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Last Minute Laziness
We have decided to answer a question with a question. You ask, “What to do?” We ask, “Why do anything?” Just take the day and chill. Relax, lay out on the couch in whatever convenient articles of clothing you wish. Just let the world go and take a break. After a week of school, it will be nice to take one last day to do absolutely nothing.

A barbecue is the classic Labor Day event. Bring out your family, friends, or even the whole neighborhood, then light up the grill and cook absurd amounts of cattle and pork. The dishes could be as simple as some Sam’s hot dogs thrown on, or as fancy as a your creative mind/Bobby Flay’s online recipes. While the cooking is the center point of a barbecue, it’s really just an excuse to get everyone together one last time to hang out and talk before school starts back up. So pour the charcoal and start relaxing.
Grilling Barbecue

Disc Golf
Disc golf may not be the first idea that comes to your mind when thinking of an afternoon activity, but it should be. It combines the easy-going style of golf with the pick-up and go frisbee. It doesn’t take an expert to throw a frisbee, but some disc golf courses a challenging enough to keep things interesting. The real selling point on disc golf is that it allows everyone to talk to each other while they are playing. It lets you do something physical, without distracting you from your friends. A perfect combo for Labor Day.
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