Vine app swinging into popularity

Vine app swinging into popularity

Story by Maggie Colemon, Staff Writer

Typically, Monday is just a humdrum night of the week. I go home and eat a multitude of organic foods while my cats sit in my lap, and fight like gladiators for my love.

Although, on Feb. 11 I decided to venture out from the usual. I picked up my four animals from the vet and made my way to the Boudreaux household, where senior Mary Claire and I bonded like normal as we ate Tollhouse cookie dough until we could no longer bare the sight of food.

As we sat at the island recovering from our food babies, she jumped out of her seat excited like a child who got the puppy she’d been asking for over the course of five years. I had no earthly idea what had overcome her as she reached for her phone while continuing to yell “Vine!”

Then she showed me her phone screen. It was playing a video of her camp best friend, Sarah. I was baffled. The video consisted of little snippets of Sarah’s different surroundings on her Saturday night. As Mary Claire began to explain the app Vine to me, I was slowly starting to comprehend what it really was.

I instantly downloaded Vine and made my first video. Already, I was engulfed in my new favorite app. Mary Claire and I made my first video in the den. Little did I know, I was going to become a pro at making Vine videos.

I started to make them at all times of the day. My videos were made when I woke up, while I was eating dinner, and even while I talked to my parents. The videos involved everything that I was doing and most always had my cats in them.

If you’re looking for a new app that you want to take over your life, Vine is the best choice in the app store. You’ll quickly become just as obsessed as I am.