Top 10 highest paying degrees right out of college

Story by Caroline Purtle, Staff Writer

When investing in a college education, students spend thousands of dollars in order to fulfill the large tuition, thus obtaining heaping amounts of debt. The average amount of debt collected by a college graduate is $26,600, but with the right major, a starting salary can quickly pay it off.

When choosing a future career, one of the factors that helps make the decision is the average salary the job makes. Considering society wants to live a comfortable life, the job must be dancing in dollar signs.

With the right college major, the starting salary should replenish a bank account substantially. This is a list of the top ten degrees that have the highest starting salary straight out of college according to Mashable.

  1. Computer Engineering – $70,400

  2. Chemical Engineering – $66,400

  3. Computer Science – $64,400

  4. Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering – $64,000

  5. Mechanical Engineering – $62,900

  6. Electrical/Electronics and Communication Engineering – $62,300

  7. Civil Engineering – $57,600

  8. Finance – $57,300

  9. Construction Science/Management – $56,600

  10. Information Sciences and Systems – $56,100