Hollywood’s Nazi fetish

Hollywood overuses common villain

Story by Josh Klein, co-editor in chief

I’m a fan of recycling. I recycle cans and electronics. However, one thing that needs to stop is Hollywood recycling movie villains. Specifically, everyone’s favorite dastardly group––Nazis.

Historical dramas and realistic movies, such as Schindler’s List and The Pianist, are superb. They bring in the real story of people who survived the persecution of entire races. On the other hand, Hollywood has lately been pumping out real gems, such as Iron Sky, a film entirely based around the premise of Nazis hiding on the moon.

Iron Sky is a horrific movie, and anyone who watches will automatically lose a few braincells by default. The writers took the standard Earth invasion plot and said, “How can we spice this up?” I am then forced to assume that a sick intern barfed all over the screenplay. The vomit covered everything but five letters: N A Z I S.

For some reason, Hollywood loves this. Because Nazis are universally hated, no one gets offended by vilifying Nazis. Hollywood then takes this as a green light to use the Third Reich as the main antagonist in almost any type of film. From classics, such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark, to newer masterpieces of modern day cinema, such as Frankenstein’s Army, all ranges of studios have fallen to this trend.

I suggest that we all take a step back and stop overusing Nazis in American cinema. In their place, I recommend we should start with other groups such as the Girl Scouts, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Hugh Jackman. These groups have also committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, and their comeuppance is long overdue (take the hint, Hollywood).

Every American studio should employ a monkey whose sole job is to slap the living daylights out of any person that says the word Nazi in conjunction with any sort of mythical creatures, i.e. zombies, centaurs, etc. Should the studio executives decide to disregard the warnings of the Nazi monkey, they should get poked in the eye with a rusty spoon. For, by producing such a movie, they are doing the exact same thing to the moviegoers.