King of the charts and Twitter

Sheeran proves his lyrics aren’t the only thing worth reading


Photo by credit: Creative Commons

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performs for his fans, many of whom show their gratitude by “following” him on Twitter.

Story by Brianna O’Shaughnessy, staff writer

The recent fascination with British pop culture has lead to what seems to be the second British Invasion––one of the stars from this rush being singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Close friends with Harry Styles (of One Direction fame), this English celebrity has had recent life pondering, hilarious tweets:

  1. I wish I was a penguin. (2:45 PM; Nov. 3)

  2. Life keeps getting more surreal. (5:26 AM; Oct. 5)

  3. Question: can you eat soup? (9:50 AM; Sep. 16)

  4. I haven’t really worn shoes this week. Or socks. Maybe I am a hobbit after all. (1:24 PM; Oct. 24)

  5. I ate too much steak, and now I’m pregnant. (7:53 AM; Aug. 9)

  6. I wanna meet Drake’s mate purely based in the fact his name is Chubby Chubb (2:39 AM; Sep. 26)

  7. Marinating (11:55 AM; Sep. 18)