Listen outside the lines

Little-known hits prove popular


Photo by Racheal Sizemore

Photo illustration

Story by Jhovany Perez, staff writer

Everyone has been in that moment where all they want to listen to new music.  Anxiously looking through Youtube searching for your next favorite song; refreshing the recommended list, constantly hoping to find something. Most of us fail to find what we are looking for. However, here is a list of not very known songs to please your hunger for new music away from mainstream pop music.


“Anathema” by Twenty One Pilots

Everyone now knows the name “Twenty One Pilots,” but no one really has taken time to give their older songs, which are a lot better, a listen. Although the album “Blurry Face” has some songs that have great depth, the album, “Regional at Best,” has twice as much. “Anathema”, one of the songs on the album, has a calm and relaxed beat throughout. The song talks about being misunderstood, wanting to be alone and away from the world.


“Without You” by Oh Wonder

“Without You” tells the experience of what happens after a break-up, but still maintains an energetic feel. When going through a breakup, most people would put some Adele on and lay in their rooms. I myself am guilty of this. When we are down we need songs that connect with our emotional state, but we also need to be cheered up. This song does just that. It provides a poppy beat  that also connects with you at an emotional level.


“I Found” by Amber Run

This song expresses the emotions that come with falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. The song has a slow pace, but is mesmerizing when listening to it via earbuds or headphones. It provides much more of an emotional connection than any Justin Bieber song has ever attempted to make. Unlike many popular songs that rely mostly on the beat than lyrics to gain popularity, “I Found” doesn’t have a heavy beat that dominates. Instead, it relies on the lyrics and on the singer to successfully carry out the song’s message.


“So Close to Magic” by Aquilo

“So Close to Magic” is one of those songs that will give you flashbacks of your childhood. It brings joy, despite its slow pace. The two man band, Aquilo, has many other great songs such as “Calling Me” and “You There”. Both are great songs to listen to as you go to sleep. These songs, as well as “So Close To Magic,” also don’t rely on their heavy bass and massive beat drops as mainstream pop music does. They aim at relaxing you and settling the mind, while still putting their message out there.


“DNA” by Lia Marie Johnson

This song tells a story, unlike all other popular songs out there,  of a daughter who grew up with an abusive father. She tells her story in chronological order from when she would watch her mother get beaten to when she started abusing her own boyfriend. The story telling and the story itself sets this song apart from many other songs since there aren’t as many songs talking about abusive relationships. That’s what I think makes this song so great.
“I’ll be Good” by Jaymes Young

“I’ll be Good” talks about how people change from a bully to a loving and kind person. It talks about how they grow to hate themselves and regret what they have done. This makes it unique in the fact that it’s told from the perspective of the bully and not the victim, which I have never seen been done. The new perspective on the whole bullying topic is what I think to be one of the best qualities of this song. One can see not only one side, but both sides of the story.