The start of Christmas traditions

Nutcracker auditions were held last weekend, prompting rehearsals for a favorite local show


graphic by Langley Leverett

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment writer

Nutcracker auditions were held this Saturday and will perform in the Perot Theatre this December. Every year, students participate in the show and audition to have an opportunity to showcase their technique and improvements over the years.

Dance instructors encourage the top notch dancers to audition and perform in the annual show. The process is led by an auditioner who dictates what roles the dancers receive. Lots of hard work are needed to produce an outstanding rendering of the performance.

“We seek students that are dedicated to the art of dance, are dedicated and willing to give their time and talents back to our area,” dance instructor Tammy Duncan said. “A dance professional from outside our area that does not know the students conducts a class to select the participants for the Ballet.”

Perfect execution of the audition is needed to gain a satisfactory role and a routine dance audition is conducted in a similar way every year. Eventually, the auditioner will assign parts to each dancer

“You go in to stretch first, put your pointe shoes on and the male dancers will do their audition and she’ll judge them first,” Freshman Endsley Norman said. “Then the girls do their main routine where everybody is in order and then she’ll determine who gets the main roles. She’ll organize each group and goes around and tells you what part you’ll play in the show. You can’t try out for a certain part but in your mind you can come up with what roles you could play.”

Each year, numerous students are always anticipating the audition and enjoy being around familiar peers. Lots of effort are noted as many try to gain experience and overall choose to be a part of a distinguished performance.

“I like auditioning for the Nutcracker and I got the main role one year so I always try to do my best,” senior Ben Goesl said. “I get to see other dancers and how they dance so it makes me proud to be in the Nutcracker.”