Shut up and go (travel)


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Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

Money: the most overused excuse that handicaps people from encountering broader aspects of life. I don’t think a financial status has any influence over one’s capability to experience culture and see the world. If you decide that you want to leave the small town bubble that you call home, there is absolutely nothing in your way but yourself.

I’ve recently stumbled over this YouTube channel called DamonAndJo run and managed by a sassy duo that has found themselves through better yet cheap travel. Their account is all about how to tour like a native and how and where to get the best deals via airfare, housing and cuisine.

The two travelers have created the account to inspire people to “shut up and go,” which is their catch phrase that basically strives to push those that have a burning desire to experience the world to go for it but to do it the cheap way. Yes, first class is a super nice luxury but it’s also a Beyonce-level dream if you plan to do things when you land from your lavish flight. There’s always a cheaper and more sustainable way.

For example, if you’re staying in the states for your trip, who says you have to go by air? Instead, make a road trip out of it and cut the cost by half or take a train/bus and lower the price even more.

As teenagers, it seems irrelevant to even consider furthering your knowledge on cheap travel, but after four years in high school, the vacation money will be coming from your wallet—  which is terrifying to think about. Discover your dream location and make it happen. Whether it’s sunny California or historic Italy, you can always learn more about culture and other ways of life if you just get out of your comfort zone.

The money situation will work itself out, but believe me, the memories you will save and the diversity of culture you will witness will outweigh any cost. The best thing you can do for yourself is to see the world past your eyes, and quite frankly, just shut up and go.