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One more thing to cross off

Seniors strive to complete goals before graduation

Story by Emily McMaster, copy editor

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As the second semester is in full speed and graduation is around the corner, seniors only have a few months left of being high-schoolers. Soon, many will be leaving Texarkana to embark on a brand new journey. The past four years have flown by in the blink of an eye, but there is still time for seniors to cross off a few more items on their high school bucket list.

“Something on my senior year bucket list that I think would be really fun would be to go on a senior trip with all of my friends before going our separate ways,” senior Channing Miller said. “A trip to the Bahamas or on a cruise would be a great lasting memory, and it would mean a lot to my friends and me.”

Extracurricular activities have brought joy in the midst of schoolwork stress for the majority of seniors. The last time to take the stage or make a score in a rivalry game is the reality for some seniors. It is hard to let go of an activity one has grown passionate about.

“I want to make straight A’s in all of my classes before I graduate,” senior Alexis Darrera said. “I would also like to be successful in track since it is my last year to run and prepare myself for college in the fall.”

The anxiety of moving on is both nerve-wracking and exciting. The last few months seem to drag on as freedom awaits, but keeping up schoolwork is still important for graduation requirements. Although it may be hard to find motivation, the end result is worth it.

Finish off the school year strong, take a trip, pursue a long awaited goal, because soon enough, these high school opportunities will pass by.”

— Emily McMaster

“I have always strived to make my family proud,” senior Chris Colbert said. “The rest of the year I would like to continue to do so by succeeding in school.”

This is the last chance. The last opportunity to take risks, go for the gold, meet new friends, and make lasting memories. Finish off the school year strong, take a trip, pursue a long awaited goal, because soon enough, these high school opportunities will pass by.

“One of the things on my senior bucket list is to perform a solo at one of the drill team competitions,” senior Amber Savage said. “I have never been confident in my dancing since I have only danced for two years, but it is something that I love. I plan to complete this goal at our next competition.”

No matter what is on one’s senior year bucket list, or high school bucket list in general, now is the time to mark them off. Whether it be in school, in the community, or across borders, every goal can be accomplished.

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Emily McMaster, copy editor
Emily McMaster is officially a senior queen and third year member of Tiger Times. She has finally upgraded from staff member to copy editor. Emily is currently indecisive whether to be sad or happy that she will be graduating this year, and will most likely have a breakdown any time anyone ask her about the...
Kaitlyn Gordon, print photo editor
Kaitlyn Gordon is a senior at Texas High School and probably the only senior who is nowhere near ready to graduate. She is the print newspaper photo editor, editor in chief of THS Student Media’s social media staff, a staff writer, and a staff photographer. Kaitlyn plans to attend college after graduating high school and...
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