Fashion trend sweeps school

Athleisure in everyday life


Graphic by Holland Rainwater

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer

She wakes up and jumps to her feet with fifteen minutes to spare. After staying up all night studying, she definitely doesn’t have time for a shower, much less the process of wiggling into jeans or applying makeup. With a few sprays of dry shampoo, it’s out the door and headed to class.

Athleisure has taken over our school and our Instagram feeds. With both girls and boys alike partaking in the trend, it’s hard to find students that aren’t living in sweatshirts every day. It is defined as being a style of clothing worn as athletic apparel but also suitable for casual, everyday wear.

“I find [athleisure] comfortable,” junior Holland Kemp said. “It’s better to work with comfortable clothing instead of being uncomfortable in tight clothes. I’m more of a laid back person; I just like to be relaxed during the day.”

Despite the sudden explosion of athleisure, there are still students that wake up and decide to choose jeans over joggers. Some choose to wear more professional attire for confidence or to be perceived as more professional.

“Some days I get up and feel lazy and I may just want to put on a t shirt and leggings, but some days I’m energetic,” freshman Kalea Edmonds said. “It’s not that I want to impress anybody else, but it’s to make me feel good about myself. I scroll on Instagram and see lots of models and styles that I like and I pick out an outfit that I have at home and throw it together.”

Much like Edmonds, senior Sam Sanchez often chooses professional, stylish looks over comfortable looks.

“It really depends on how I’m feeling,” Sanchez said. “Most of the time you won’t see me in joggers. I try to dress as professional as possible. Going into theatre, it’s how I market myself. What you wear says a lot about you, so that’s why I’ve adapted to wearing more professional clothing.”

Choosing comfort over style isn’t always a fashion sacrifice, though. Many athletic brands have started making clothes for everyday wear, not just for athletes.

“I prefer comfort over looks, but I do believe in looking good,” senior Chris Sutton said. “I just like to be comfortable while I do it. You can be comfortable and look good at the same time. I feel like athletic wear fits me better. It’s more convenient.”

Athleisure takes style and comfort and mashes them into one outfit, successfully combining fashion and comfort. In the end, it’s up to every individual to choose whether they want comfort or style.