Sobbing around school

Top places to cry on campus


Braylen Garren

Across campus, there’s numerous of places that are most suitable for crying. With the stress implemented by school on a daily basis, it can be difficult to fight back the tears.

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature story

We’ve all been there. Shedding tears over a test grade we won’t remember in five years. Slamming our heads on a semi-sanitary wooden desk as the bell snaps us out of our pity parties. If you claim you’ve never cried in some dimly lit corner of Texas High, you’re either emotionless or lying. Here are ten of the best places to have a teenage tantrum during school hours.


The cafeteria is a go-to spot for those who couldn’t care less when people know they’re sad. Cafeteria cryers do not care one bit if someone catches them sobbing in the lunch line about their mid-day drearies. If food makes you feel better when you’re sad, simply extend your tear stained hands into your lunch bag and indulge in a handful of chocolates or other feel good snacks. 

Any Classroom

Literally any one. As hard as we try to make it to our comfort crying spot after receiving a less than wonderful test grade, sometimes the floodgates can’t wait. Make sure to bring a hoodie to cover your eyes in the morning if you’re anticipating some sadness during science that day. Thanks to COVID-19, luckily, stealthily sobbing is easier than ever. Simply pull your mask over your eyes (while still covering your nose), lay your head down on a random desk that probably has gum stuck to the other side and reflect on your problems all class period.

The STEM Building

Nothing makes students want to cry like looking at their last calculus test. The STEM building is home to some of the school’s most GPA-crushing classes such as AP Physics and Calculus AB and BC. It’s kept relatively spic and span throughout the year, so any crying spot you can choose in this building is bound to be pretty clean. It includes a staircase that you can sit on and think about life’s greatest problems.


Ah, a classic. In stereotypical teen movies, bathroom cries are often reserved for the scrawny, friendless nerd who spends lunch in the stalls. However, any type of teenager can benefit from a quick cry during or after third period, depending on which lunch you have. Post cry cleanup is also very convenient since you can just wipe away your tears with toilet paper.  

The Gym

If you have a class in the gym, that means either one of two things: you’re a diehard athlete with a passion for adrenaline or you’re just trying to march the mile through that one PE credit. Either way, the gym is a wonderful spot to cry through sweaty hands from running in the sun. Plus, it’s pretty spacious, so you can easily find a corner to huddle in for privacy.

The Parking Lot

With nearly 2,000 students all crammed into the same school, it can be hard to get a moment of alone time. Before and after school, your car can make a wonderful safe haven amidst the hustle and bustle of high school. Sick of hearing the word “election” for the 100th time this month? Tired of COVID-19 news popping up in every headline possible? Simply take a deep breath and scream in your car to let out all those bottled up emotions.

Performing Arts Center

The heart of the theatre and choir departments is also home to many young performers’ tears. The PAC offers many random rooms to curl up into a ball between classes. If you’re involved in Tiger Theatre Company, you’ll know the makeup room is a very cozy and comfortable place to let your feelings out. If you happen to work lights or sound for any productions, you’ll know the control booth is filled with tables to hide under mid mental breakdown.

Band Hall

The band hall is one of the most exclusive crying spots as it is a choice solely for those that wield either an instrument or a flag. Practice rooms are always nice since they’re fairly small and secluded. The percussion closet, however, is ideal since you’re only in jeopardy of fellow drummers walking in on your meltdown. Worst case scenario, if you have a larger instrument like a tuba or trombone, just cry behind it. The rest of the band will be too busy playing beautiful music to notice you sobbing through each note.  

The Dungeon

Don’t let the name scare you. At the bottom of the deepest staircase of the social studies building is the dungeon, where several history classes are located. There’s something that feels really secluded about being in a hallway with not much except stairs, a few classrooms and an escape door. The teachers here are fairly considerate, so if they catch you weeping on the staircase, they’ll probably just let you be.

Publications Room

Ironically, the last item on this list is the very room this story was written in. Home to yearbook and newspaper members, or more affectionately known as yerds and newsies, room 50B offers about 25 computers to work on and three couches to cry on. Then, you can lay down for a nap after once again debating dropping every class you have. 

No matter where you find yourself in the great hallways of this school, there is some random corner you can run and cry to. People won’t always be there to listen to your problems, but you can always talk to a couch or a desk and let your feelings out. Just don’t be offended if they don’t respond.