Outfits of the past

Story by Peyton Sims, Editor-in-chief

From butterfly clips and tu-tus to overbearing bows, outfits from a little girl’s childhood tend to be quickly outgrown. Despite the standards of fashion, some people take a bit longer to let go and instead morph them into new trends. And, I’m not ashamed to say I’m one to partake. 

While flipping through albums of childhood photos, an idea occurred to me. What if I recreate outfits from little Peyton’s childhood? And that is just what I did. After digging through my closet of previously thrifted clothes and going on Goodwill runs for even more, I composed outfits that used to only fit a toddler-size version of me. 

Orange top, overalls 

-Roundhouse overalls from Goodwill

-Burnt orange sweater from Goodwill 

-Matching butterfly clips from online

It’s not out of the ordinary for someone to be seen walking around in overalls on campus. When I wore this outfit for a day, no one batted an eye in my direction or questioned my fashion decision. In all honesty, this outfit was not only cute, but it was also comfortable. 10/10 would wear again, especially with some added butterfly clips. 

Checkered jumpsuit 

-Jumpsuit from Uptown Cheapskates 

-Black turtleneck from Goodwill 

Before I even decided to do this story, I had actually already owned this jumpsuit. To say the least, when I stumbled across this childhood photo of me, I was a bit surprised about how similar the two clothing items were. I did receive a couple compliments on this outfit, but it’s likely you won’t see me wearing it again.

Tommy Hilfiger overalls 

-Tommy Hilfiger overalls from Ebay 

Yep, more overalls. Apparently my mom couldn’t keep me out of them when I was little. Considering that even high school me has a love for this trend, I gladly took any chance I had to recreate photos of small Peyton in overalls. 

Tutu fit 

-A pink, floral skirt from Goodwill 

-A yellow top from Goodwill 

-Beaded necklace


Last but not least, I had to embrace the princess tiara. While I didn’t wear the crown around school for the entire day, I wore the rest of the outfit. I’d give this look a 7/10, it wasn’t my favorite ever, but I made it work.