No Sadie date? There’s still time

Story by Scarlett Stussy

You thought you weren’t going to be in town Feb. 26. You didn’t know who to ask. You thought someone else was going to ask him. You didn’t know Sadie was so soon. You don’t have a boyfriend.

No matter what the reason for not already having a Sadie date, there is still time. You have 23 days to get a guy, a shirt, a stuffed animal, a mum and tickets. If the reason you don’t have a date is simply because you can’t think of a cute way to ask him, this list of thoughtfully-prepared ideas may help.


If you’re “just friends” this should be easy. You probably know almost everything about him from his favorite candy to if he even likes surprises at all. If you really are just friends this is your chance to go all out without being afraid of embarrassing yourself.

• There are five letters in the word S-A-D-I-E and very conveniently there are five class periods every day. Leave something for him in every class with one of the letters (in order of course) on it in an obvious way. If its not obvious already, you will definitely need a little assistance from your friends to get these things to him. Let him know that the person who gives him his last “gift” will be the one asking him to Sadie.

• Write SADIE with a Sharpie on a white T-shirt. Then write a bunch of girl’s names on it in marker, but write your name in Sharpie and say, “Wash me.” After it comes out of the wash, your name will be the only name left, and he’ll know who asked him. (You’ll have to get a random person to give him the shirt obviously)

• If the person you want to ask to Sadie is in class, you go to the teacher beforehand and ask if you could can come to class early. Get seven of your friends and T-shirts, either colored or plain, and each person has a letter on their shirt, so that when standing together, it spells “Sadie?” At the beginning of class have them go in one-by-one and line up in the front of the class. Then once they are all together, come in last and then he will see you and can tell you his answer.

Order a pizza and ask them to put M&M’s on it spelling out “Sadie?” Have him come over to watch a movie and say, “I ordered a pizza it should be here any minute.” When it’s delivered, have him open it.

• If he’s a nerd, write a note on his calculator.

• Blow up several black balloons and stuff them in his car. Write a note asking him to Sadie and put it in one red balloon. Before you stuff it in the car in the middle of the black ones, write “Pop me” on it.

• Burn a CD with just the song Sadie Hawkin’s Dance on it. Then draw a question mark and write love, (your name) on the CD.

• If he is in band, leave a note in his instrument case.

• Write the question in invisible ink and have him follow steps to find what he needs to read it.

• Make a cootie catcher/fortuneteller game, and tell him to pick a number. Have all of the flaps say “Sadie?” on them.

• Play hangman with him and have the answer be “Sadie with Me?”