Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry

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Sophomore Kasie Rigsby rolls her eyes at her sister, senior Daliyah Berry

Story by Shayla James, Staff Writer

Kasie Rigsby, who is a 15 year-old sophomore and Daliyah Berry who is a 18 year-old senior are two very close sisters. This is a day in their sibling rivalry.

Do you think you fight a lot?
Kasie: Yes.
Daliyah: Yes.

If you do, do you believe they are pointless?
Kasie: I think most of them are, because we fight over dumb things like the TV remote. Things like that.
Daliyah: Yes, but then again, not that much. We fight over some crazy things, and some are not necessary.

Would you do anything for your sister?
Kasie: Yeah, she is my sister, and I love her regardless.
Daliyah: Heck yes! I would die for her.

Do you believe you help each other equally?
Kasie: No, because I think I do a lot more for her than she does for me.
Daliyah: Yes, especially when we are both about to get in trouble.

How do you feel about being a older/younger sister?
Kasie: Really good because I get what I want most of the time.
Daliyah: I mean I love it.. Having someone that can look up to you? It’s great.

Do you feel as if your sister invades your space sometimes?
Kasie: YES.
Daliyah: No, Kasie is always in her room.

Do you believe that your sister gets more of something than you do?
Kasie: Yeah, she gets to go more places than I do since she is 18.
Daliyah: Yes! I think she can do a lot more since she is the baby of the family.

You’re both in band. Do you feel as if you could help each other in some ways?
Kasie: Not music wise since we don’t play the same instrument.
Daliyah: Yeah, in other ways than music, like if we forgot something, we could probably help each other out.

How do you feel about going to the same school?
Kasie: It’s okay, because I don’t really see her around the school most of the time.
Daliyah: I mean its good, I don’t feel bad about it. I mean she has my back, and I have hers.

How do you feel about Dailyah being a senior, meaning she will leave next year?
Kasie: Really good, because she won’t invade my privacy anymore, haha.
Daliyah: I’m happy, but then again I’m sad. I’m going to miss my classmates, underclassmen and my sister so much.