For junior, football is life

Story by Shelby Kelley, Staff Writer

For junior Nick Christen, football is more than a sport. It has become his passion. With the drive for winning and determination for success, he continues to make football a top priority in life.

When did you first start playing football?
In the fourth grade. My dad first encouraged me to do it, and since then I’ve stuck with it.

What about football will you always remember?
I will always remember when I scored my first touchdown. It was in the fourth grade when I played for the Eagles. It was a tight end reverse.

What is your favorite part of football?
The physical contact is my favorite part.

How is the team work on the team?
It’s good. Everyone is pretty good. Some could work on their attitudes, but besides that, it’s good.

How was this season different from last season?
Last year I was on JV, and this year I’m on varsity. The atmosphere of the game is just different, and everyone you’re up against is bigger and faster. It’s a different kind of game, and you just feel it when you walk on the field.

When is the bond closest on the team?
Probably when we get large victories.

How do you feel about the coaching this year?
It’s good. We thought it would be hard because most of the coaches are new, but it is better than it was last year.