Sophomore keeps the beat on drumline

Sophomore keeps the beat on drumline

Photo by unknown

Sophomore Miles Coleman, who is part of the drumline, plays during halftime of a home game.

Story by Shayla James, Staff Witer

Drumline. A part of a big band family. But who is drumline? For sophomore Miles Coleman, drumline is a big part of his daily life.

“I love band,” Coleman said. “I love playing my instrument and striving to perfect my craft.”

Of course, being in band affects each and every member in a unique way. For Coleman, being part of the group helps put everything in its place.

“Being a part of a bigger group humbles me, and puts a lot of things into perspective,” Coleman said. “Drumline also is a big part of me, since I have been in it from my sixth grade year, my love for it can only grow stronger.”

Along with being on the drumline, Coleman also plays other instruments such as guitar, and also other percussion instruments like timpani, keyboard, and more. However, drumline as a group does have its perks.

“The drumline is preparing to perform at the State Convention in Dallas with the Student Council,” Coleman said. “I think it will be very fun, and I can’t wait to go.”

Being in band affects students’ school life as well as their social life.

“From football games, after school practices and out of town competitions, band can be pretty time consuming,” Coleman said. “However, I would not give it up no matter how hard it became. It’s a good challenge.”

Every band member has their own opinion about marching season versus concert season. Depending on the person, each one has a fair share of the love.

“I like marching season better,” Coleman said. “The football games are the best. Being out on the field makes me realize how much I really do love band; It’s great.”