Wyrick plans for bright future

Wyrick plans for bright future

Junior Jenny Wyrick hopes to attend Texas Tech University.

Story by Christina Harris, Staff Writer

For as long as she can remember, junior Jenny Wyrick has wanted to be a Raider.

“Texas Tech, I’ve dreamed about going there since I was little,”  Wyrick said. ”I feel at home there. I’ve grown up going to Texas Tech games, so Texas Tech has always had a part in my life. ”

Needless to say, when it came to choosing a college, Wyrick didn’t just throw darts at a board.

“My dad took me to Texas Tech and I absolutely loved it, from the atmosphere to the overall campus,” Wyrick said. “It was an amazing place. Not only that, but it’s somewhere I fit in, somewhere I feel comfortable.”

Texas Tech is in Lubbock, and Wyrick is working hard so she can be a part of the Raider family.

“On an average day I get anywhere from one to three hours of study time,” Wyrick said, “and with my AP classes and extracurriculars, I am a very busy girl.”

Along with her rigorous schedule, Wyrick participates in vocal ensemble, Green Team, National Honor Society, church choir and she takes guitar lessons.

“Honestly, even taking a sigh of relief can mess with my busy schedule if I’m not careful,” Wyrick said.

Wyrick is planning to double major in music and either interior design or photography.

“I want to do a lot with my life after high school,” Wyrick said. “So now I’m taking every chance I have to make my future brighter.”