It’s a whole new world for freshman


Coming from Red Lick, freshman Aubree Cramer finds the big school environment something to get used to.

Story by Annie Tarwater, Staff Writer

While most kids come to Texas High from a large middle school, freshman Aubree Cramer came from the small school district of Red Lick and is eager to meet new people her first year here. Many people know Aubree as being kind and friendly, but some of you know her for her original and spunky personality.

Meet Aubree.

Q: How is your first year at Texas High?
A: It is good, I’m having such good connections with the teachers. I love it here.

Q: Is it a big change from Red Lick?
A: Yes, because there are a lot more challenges from middle school to the high school, and there is a lot of peer pressure. I don’t get into it though because I’m not that kind of person.

Q: How are your teachers this year?
A: I think all of them are very nice, they are helping me add on to what I knew from Red Lick. My favorite teacher is probably Mrs. Medley.

Q: Are you playing any sports or doing any extracurricular this year?
A: Yes I am. I am on the varsity tennis team.

Q: Do you enjoy being on varsity?
A: Yes I love it, there are many fun things that have already happened and its only the beginning.

Q: Do you have anything that pumps you up before you play, any music?
A: Yeah, I like listening to a little hip hop before I play.

Q: Who are your favorite singers?
A: I like Drake, David Banner, 2chainz maybe some Lil’ Wayne occasionally. My favorite is probably Drake though.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the school?
A: I like meeting new people and having new friends.