They call him Daddy


Photo by Bailey Vaugen

Story by Annie Tarwater, Staff Writer

Texas High Varsity Tennis Team does a lot of traveling. That means a lot of bus rides. Bus rides can be a bore, but thanks to the antics of one player, they never are. Say hello to sophomore Patrick Smith. And while most people know him as Patrick, the tennis team knows him as “Daddy”.

Meet Daddy.

Q&A with sophomore Patrick Smith

Q: Why do they call you Daddy?

A: A lot of the players and coaches on the team call me Daddy, because on the first trip last year they asked if I had any nicknames, and I lied and said Daddy, so it kind of stuck.

Q: Is there any type of music that you think pumps you up before a match?

A: I like to listen to Wiz Khalifa specifically Cabin Fever 2 because that just came out, I’d say my favorite song on Cabin Fever 2 would have to be “Bout That.”

Q: What food gets you motivated before you play?

A: Well, honestly I just like a good subway sandwich. Usually I go in there and get a footlong on wheat with turkey, ham, bacon, american cheese toasted with salt and pepper and ranch. I’d like to think this sandwich makes me play better.

Q: Do you have any routines you like to do before a match?

A: No I don’t really have many routines, I usually just listen to music, or like last time, I got my face painted.

Q: What did you get painted on your face?

A: A Harry Potter scar and some glasses. For the warm-up we run a few laps, so since I looked like Harry I rode my tennis racket around like it was a broom. Just like Harry.

Q: Do you think you keep the team entertained?

A: I try to keep everyone entertained as much as possible.