Prepare for Baird

Kelly Baird appointed as ninth-grade assistant principal


Photo by Dawson Kelley

Story by Matt Francis, entertainment editor

After 27 years in the educational field, Kelly Baird has worn many hats in his time. From Calculus teacher to head principal, Baird has done things in his life and impacted many people. However, there is still one place that he feels he can make a difference. That place is Texas High School.

Baird is the new ninth-grade principal, but he is no stranger to the educational and administrative field.

“I was the head basketball coach at Mt. Vernon,” Baird said. “I also taught math before getting into administration. [I was] high school principal there for six years, as well as middle school principal for a time.”

One interesting fact about Baird is that one of his fingers is partially severed due to a past job.

“I was raised around carpentry, so I was very comfortable around saws growing up,” Baird said. “After high school I went to work as a butcher, where I cut my finger off using a bandsaw.”

The job of ninth-grade principal has been a revolving door of sorts in the last few years, with many people in the position coming and going. However, Baird has no intentions of repeating this trend.

“I’ve been to two schools in 26 years, so I don’t move around,” Baird said. “As long as I enjoy what I’m doing and am able to help kids, I look to stay here until I retire.”

Since Baird has been here, he loves the atmosphere of Texas High.

“My favorite thing about Texas High is probably the closeness of the staff,” Baird said. “I love how everything is very student centered and I’ve just been impressed by everything I’ve seen so far.”

To get to know Mr. Baird, we asked him a few questions about his interests.


Q: Mild or spicy food?

A: Definitely spicy. I’m a spicy food guy.


Q: Favorite band?

A: Now I’m an old school guy, so I would have to go with the Temptations.


Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Oh, I love dogs. I just love them.


Q: Favorite sport?

A: I love watching any sports. I coached football and basketball, so if I had to pick one sport, it would have to be basketball.


Q: Favorite TV Show?

A: I love watching Chopped.


Q: Coolest place you have ever visited?

A: Well, I think the coolest place I’ve ever been was Jamaica. I went scuba diving while I was there and the water was just beautiful.