In case you missed it, Dec. 2, 2019


Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is increasingly stealing the spotlight from Black Friday. As people opt in favor of their computer and online deals, they successfully avoid the woes of department store drama. Visit CNN’s story to see a list of today’s deals.

Whale found dead full of trash

A sperm whale was found dead with 220 pounds of trash in its stomach. It was found washed up on Seilebost Beach in Scotland’s Isle of Harris. This incident furthers the cause of environmentalists. 

“Frozen 2” is a box office success

As of Nov. 28, “Frozen 2,” Disney’s latest sequel has grossed $580 million globally since its opening. The movie follows the story of sisters, Elsa and Anna,in an adventure beyond the Kingdom of Arendelle. The movie is available for viewing in Texarkana’s local movie theater.