History hall move requires adjustments

Story by Casey Hitchcock, Staff Writer

The history classrooms have been moved to accommodate the grant requirements for the STEM Academy. The expansion of STEM has caused a transition for both teachers and students.

“Students will probably adapt to the new classroom assignments pretty quickly,” history teacher Chuck Zach said. “It should not confuse them for very long.”

The students will have to conform to the new placement now that school has started, but the teachers have been affected over the summer as well.

“The change basically removed me from being able to work in my classroom for a majority of the summer,” Zach said. “The time that I was able to spend in my room was spent cleaning, sorting, arranging and setting the room up for the upcoming school year.”

Another concern about the move is that the history teachers no longer have the ability to watch over students as they walk to their classes.

“The history teachers, who traditionally monitored students as they moved through the hall, will be less likely to stand outside of their rooms,” Zach said.

However, the students involved in STEM will have a better opportunity to remain a part of the program while the grant requirements are met.

“If the move was necessary to secure the STEM funding, then apparently that aspect was good for the school,” Zach said. “Or at least the segment of the population who will be involved in the STEM program.”