Hairspray opens Dec. 5

Story by Jen Hickman

The Little Theatre Company is set to perform the new fall musical, Hairspray, on Dec. 5-6. With the play right around the corner the cast is hard at work rehearsing.

“We’ve been rehearsing practically everyday,” senior David Thompson III said. “The rehearsals have gone really well.”

So far, the rehearsals have had a less stressful atmosphere than some productions The Little Theater Company has put on in the past.

“We are learning at a steady pace,” Thompson said, “so nothing has been rushed.”

The cast is busy learning all of the dances from the musical, especially since some of the numbers can be long and complicated.

“I’m not the best dancer,” senior Alyssa Hudspeth said, “so I’ve had some problems catching on.”

With having constant rehearsals the cast is sure to become fast friends and comfortable around each other.

“The cast has been great,” Hudspeth said. “[They have been] helping me get all the dances right.”

Hudspeth was nervous about being in front of the cast since this is her first school production with a substantial role.

“I’m nervous about being on stage,” Hudspeth said. “I hope I don’t mess up when I’m singing.”

The Hairspray cast has become a close-knit group, and they will support each other before and during the show.

“Even though I’m worried about my role in the play,” Hudspeth said, “I know all of my new friends in the cast will have my back.”

The lead cast members include Kelsey Townsend as Tracy Turnblad; David Thompson as Link Larkin; Jared Davenport as Wilbur; Aly Hudspeth as Edna Turnblad; Candace Nelson as Motormouth Maybelle; Emily Speer as Penny Pingleton; Gentry Mitchell as  Seaweed; Emily Rankin as Amber Von Tussle; Sanna Groven as Velma Von Tussle; and Taylor Coleman as Corny Collins.

Tickets will be $10 at the door.