Homecoming maids announced

Story by Mary Faith Covey

The girls who made homecoming court were announced at the pep rally on Sept. 24, and the homecoming festivities began Monday with spirit days leading up to the game. The homecoming pep rally will be held in the gym Thursday evening, but the homecoming queen will be announced during pre-game activities at the game Friday.

The homecoming court members are Shannon Brewer, Kyla Dansby, Mariel Forte, Danieya High, Ashley Hill, Lydia Knight, Laura Miller, Morgan Patton, Meagan Rosser and Wynden Williams. Reaction to being selected:

Shannon Brewer
“I’m excited. I was worried about making the ballot. I figured that would be as far as I would get. I was absolutely elated to be one of the 10 girls on court.”

Kyla Dansby
“I think it’s unique that Wynden, Mariel and I made court, since all three of our sisters made court their senior year.”

Mariel Forte
“I’m mostly excited because I didn’t think I would be on court, so it was surprising, but it is also very nerve-wracking.”

Danieya High
“It really doesn’t affect my senior year. Just knowing people know me makes me happy.”

Ashley Hill
“Being on Homecoming Court has put the icing on the cake of my senior year. It is something I will look back on and be proud of.”

Lydia Knight
“My goal for this year is to have the best year possible, so this definitely will make this year so memorable and exciting.”

Laura Miller
“It feels good to that I was voted to be on court by the student body. I’m excited I get to have this high school experience.”

Morgan Patton
“I’m somewhat nervous, but I was more nervous about actually making court.”

Meagan Rosser
“When they walked toward me and grabbed my arm, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in complete shock and overcome with excitement.”

Wynden Williams
“I was so excited to be selected for court, and I thought it was pretty cool for people to think enough of me to put me on the ballot.”