Students head to polls for first time

Story by Ellen Orr

For the first time in their lives, many seniors are experiencing the right to take part in their government. Today is the day that 18-year-olds all over the nation are casting a ballot for the first time. The privilege of voting is one that is relished by some, and ignored by others.

Senior Braydon Jones is thrilled to exercise his newfound right.

“Voting in any type of election whether it be on the local or national level is a great privilege,” Jones said. “I am looking forward to voting because it will allow me to voice my opinion and play a part in the future of my country.”

Others, like senior Elvia Aguilar, aren’t as excited.

“I’m not voting today because I’m not registered,” Aguilar said. “It costs gas to get there anyway, and I have work. I just don’t really care.”

Whether partaking in the ballot casting or not, seniors are realizing that they’re becoming adults.

“I feel like I’m old now that I have this right,” Aguilar said. “I feel like I’m growing up.”