Patience Beard named homecoming queen


Senior Patience Beard, along with her parents Jimmy Beard and Michelle Kelly, react as principal Brad Bailey crowns Patience as the Homecoming queen.

Story by John David Goins & Wynne Tidwell, Staff editors

Every maid stood with perfect posture and most held their breaths. Even though the announcer only paused for a moment, it seemed like that moment lasted for years.The classic Homecoming moment–the anxiety, the stiff hair, the 2-inch high heels digging into the field and the longing for that sparkly crown–it’s what some girls have aspired to since they were young. The 2011 queen is…Patience Beard!She stands smiling as the crown is placed on her by principal Brad Bailey.

“I thought it was well deserved,“ Matt Cox said. “Patience is just an amazing girl; she’s really friendly, and she’s really nice and that contributed to her winning.”

Claire Howard was named maid of honor.

“She is hilarious, she is all over the place all the time, she never has a bad moment,” Olivia Norton said. “My classes I have with her are my favorite, I just love her to death.

Claire, for her part, was truly happy for her friend.

“I really think she deserved it more than anyone,” Claire said. “She’s been through so much more in her life than any of us, and she has such a positive attitude every day and is so nice to everyone she meets.”

Not all of the girls were waiting to see if they’d been named queen; some were just waiting to get off the field.

“Before the crowning and before the announcement, I just kept shaking,” Shea Smith said. “It wasn’t the fact that I wanted queen, it was the fact that I wanted off the field. I just wanted to run and hide in a closet.”

However, the girls all seem to agree that being on court was a positive event.

“I feel like it was such a great experience whether I won or lost,” Dee Remmes said. “I reassured my mom that it was okay because I was on court and that was more than enough anyway.”

The students voted this past Wednesday for queen, and then the votes were counted. Student Council sponsors Susan Waldrep and Debbie Nicholas tabulated the votes with a Scantron machine, checking the result twice.

“I knew [the results] for two days and kept it a secret,” Waldrep said. “I am thrilled; Patience is a real sweet girl who always treats people the same.”

This is a momentous occasion.

“The last cheerleader to get it was Katie Waldrep in 2001-2002,” Waldrep said.

The queen is at the very least having a good night, and now presides over her court. she will never forget about this night.

“I didn’t really hear my name at first, until everyone started yelling at me and hugging me,” Patience said. “Then I realized it was me. I’m really shocked; it’s such an honor.”

“You can’t even imagine how proud I am,” Michelle, Patience’s mother, said.  “I’m excited, I’m happy for her, I’m so proud of her.”

Patience’s mother has been living in North Carolina since last January, and this is the first time she’s seen her daughter.

“It’s hard, it’s very hard, but we’re making it work,” Michelle said. “With today’s technology we’re able to Skype and talk to each other every morning.”

“It was a hard decision, because she didn’t want to leave me my senior year,” Patience said. “I reassured her that it was okay. She promised me that if I made it on the Homecoming court that she would come down, so when I found out, I texted her and she bought her plane ticket. It’s just really special to be with your mom on a day like this.”

Patience’s father had a few words of wisdom for his eldest daughter.

“Just enjoy all of it, because this is the only time you’ll go through it.”