Reigning maids: Homecoming court announced at pep rally


Homecoming maids are Claire Norton, Ashley Osborne, Cheyanne Jester, Gabby Bermea, Hailey Harris, Savannah Beck, Erica Hardy, Kiauna Williams, Amy McCoy, Kate Deese. The photos represent the girls unable to attend the pep rally, Natalie Copeland and Morgan Norfleet.

Story by Wynne Tidwell and John David Goins, Editor in Chief

Trench coats and umbrellas replaced skirts and pompoms in Friday’s pep rally. As Magic Mike’s “It’s Raining Men” blared throughout the gym, so began the showstopping routine. By the second chorus, senior boys dashed across the gym with roses in hand and adorned girls with a boa and rose. The gym was in a frenzy. The 2012 homecoming court had just been announced.

“Oh my gosh, he is putting the boa around my neck,” senior Ashley Osborne said, shocked at the announcements. “I must be on homecoming court. I was really excited when I saw all my friends had made it too.”

The 12 girls, rather than the usual eight to 10, chosen by the student body, were Savannah Beck, Gabby Bermea, Natalie Copeland, Kate Deese, Erica Hardy, Hailey Harris, Cheyanne Jester, Amy McCoy, Morgan Norfleet, Claire Norton, Ashley Osborne, and Kiauna Williams.

“I had no idea,” Bermea said. ”I was praying and praying, but I just feel so blessed. There are some really great girls here and it is a great honor to be chosen.”

Bermea said being named to court goes against her image as a tae kwon do expert.

“I can’t wait to see what my martial art instructors have to say. They are very tough guys over in Britain,” Bermea said. “ I am not a girly-girl at all.”

Two girls, Copeland and Norfleet, were unable to attend the pep rally, so student council used enlarged photos on a poster to represent them.

“I was unable to be at the pep rally because my brother who attends Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, was getting his ring presented to him,” Norfleet said. “I was ecstatic and honored to be chosen, but I would not have missed my brother’s ceremony for the world.”

Copeland couldn’t make the pep rally due to hospitalization after a four-wheeler accident in Mexico. She was flown to Dallas for reconstructive surgery, and is hoping to return to school before the end of next week.

“It was great to recieve such good news,” Copeland said. “I needed that. I just felt loved”

In no way was Copeland short of support. Two captains from the fire department, where Copeland’s father works, videoed the 45-minute pep rally just for her.

“This is such a special, special and exciting honor on its own,” Copeland’s mother, Beverly, said. “But the timing couldn’t of been better. There was no better way for Natalie to feel all the love and support from her friends.”

Support from friends was a shared aspect. Many of the girls were more than pleased to see their friends beside them on court.

“I was really excited, Claire and Amy were the first people I saw and it made me happy to see that my friends had made it as well,” Deese said. “I am really excited and I can not wait to see how it all goes.”

The naming of court took some by surprise.

“The boy had to tell me I had made court because I thought I was being called down to dance,” Hardy said. “I was really happy for myself and the other girls.”