Mu Alpha Theta adds new members


Junior Laura Davis receives her Mu Alpha Theta certificate.

Story by Shelby Kelley, News Editor

New members were inducted Nov. 6 into the Mu Alpha Theta math society, welcoming 138 new associates and full members. In its third year on campus, word is starting to get around about this honor society.The club plans on participating in a clothing drive for foster children, taking an end of the year trip, and having a Pi Day where they will sell pie at all lunches. Not only are the members ready for the new year, but the sponsor, Lindsey Skinner, is excited as well.“Each year we seem to grow a little more than the previous year and do a little more than the previous year,” Skinner said. “I’m excited about all the things we can do at Texas High.”

The club is always ready for new ways to help the community, as well as the students.

“Our organization requires each member to complete 10 hours of community service each year,” Skinner said. “Members can help in night library or find their own form of community service.”

Although Skinner has many great activities planned, she is looking forward to one the most.

“I’m excited about Pi Day since it’s math related,” Skinner said. “It’s something we’ve never done before on campus.”

Mu Alpha Theta is looking to have a great year, but students can still get involved starting next year if they weren’t inducted. Students who met the requirements were asked to join this year because of high GPA and excelled math classes. Skinner has different plans for next year.

“We will participate in club week and give students the opportunity to sign up for Mu Alpha Theta,” Skinner said. “If they are interested, I will check their GPA and evaluate if they meet the national standards for the organization.”

For any questions regarding the club, and club events look for important dates online, or contact Lindsey Skinner at [email protected].

Members of Mu Alpha Theta are as follows: Jackie Allen, Jordan Allen, Jacoya Anderson, Jessica Bilimek, Anna Catherine Boudreaux, Kelsi Brinkmeyer, Kelly Burnett, Cortlandt Bursey-Reese, Brianna Carmony, Nicole Caswell, Jessi Chapman, Andrew Chirwa, Carlie Clem, Tristen Collins, Liliana Cordova, Chris Courson, Matthew Crawford, Leah Crenshaw, Molly Crouch, Trevor Danley, Jeffrey Davis, Laura Davis, Katherine Doan, Kris Dodez, Chau Dong, Karemy Duran, Maria Emma Edwards, Corey Elliott, Jessica Emerson, Emily Evans, Christopher Fore, Brandon Frederick, Paola Gabriel, Lori Isabella Gamble, Selwin George, Deja Gibson, John David Goins, Lindsey Gore, Shyniecsheon Graham,
Anna Graves, Alysha Green, Vernicia Griffie, Victoria Hardin, Alexandria Harris, Jonathon Haynes, Alex Heo, Kirsten Herron, Jamie Hicks, Tariq Hill, Cassandra Hitchcock, Madeline Hunley, Steven Jacobs, Keely Johnson, Michael Johnson, Marissa Johnston, Wade Johnston, Precious Kendricks, Joshua Klein, Hannah Klopper, Kaitlyn Krause, Heather Lanier, Andrew LeGrand, Kaulyn Loe, Luke Loe, Riley Madlock, Alexander Markham, Katelyn Markham, Caroline May, Madison Maynard, Kristin McCasland, Daxton McCormick, Warren McDaniel, Hailey McGuire, Brett Minor, Katie Mitchell, Iesha Mixon, Brenna Moore, Luis Moreno, Rogelio Moreno, Caitlan Morris, Libby Northam, Ben Norton, Tanner Parrott, Camryn Parsons, Karla Penate, Alexandra Prather, Caroline Prieskorn, Blake Purtle, Caroline Purtle, Rachel Qualls, Alexander Radomski, Matt Ray, Riden Reiter, Anthony Rhone, Nicholas Richter, Joshua Robinson, Laura Rochelle, Ashton Rogers, Haley Rogers, Riley Rogers, Sidney Rogers, Carson Rommel, Anet Rosas, Haley Rushing, Colleen Russell, Madeleine Russell, Austin Ryden, Jessica Gabriela Santiago Lopez, Sarah Scales, Sydney Schoen, Autumn Sehy, Nick Sehy, Austin Sewell, Macy Shirley, Savanna Shively, Sarah Shoultz, Alexander Simpson, Chealsea Slider, Alanah Smith, Kelsey Smith, Luke Michael Smith, Shaiquiar Smith, Tyler Snell, Elliott Sonson, Sydney Steed, Jordan Stovall, Rachel Stuart, Annie Tarwater, Caroline Thomas, Chandler Thomas, Aimee Tran, Jalissa Trotter, Elizabeth Tullis, Mikayla Tyler, Bailey Vaughan, Carley Wallace, Valerie Ward, Kirsten Weber, Linette Westley, Antonia White, Rachel White, Choctaw Williams, Hannah Williams, Kip O’Brien Williams, Morgan Williams, Joshua Wilson, Pongsapat Wittayaworapat, Caitlin Yarberry.