Campus puts safety first

Story by Staff Reports

When a lone gunman killed 26 at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., it caused most schools to take a hard look at security procedures that would prevent such an occurrence.

“Undoubtedly, the Newtown shooting has had an impact on TISD,” director of risk management Georgette Duke said. “With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, we are taking measures to review our crisis management plans school by school and reevaluate what measures should be changed.”

Duke said TISD has a strong Crisis Management Plan program in place that all administration and key personnel are trained on. In addition, they conduct monthly questionnaires with them in order to make sure they are reviewing plans as needed.

“Students, staff and parents should know that TISD remains very proactive in protecting all persons on our campuses,” Duke said. “We want you to rest assured that we are doing all that is possible at this time and will reevaluate our needs during this week.”

Principal Brad Bailey said that the high school will continue to strengthen the safety practices they currently have in place.

“We will continue to practice our crises drills throughout the year, evaluate for effectiveness, and educate so everyone will know what to do in an emergency situation,” Bailey said.

With an open style campus, Bailey said it was important to adhere to safety policies, such as keeping classroom doors and outside hallway doors locked.

“I truly believe we have a safe campus at Texas High School,” Bailey said. “I would encourage all students and staff to follow all policies and procedures we have in place and help others do the same.  I encourage everyone to report any visitors that are not wearing a visitor’s badge to an administrator or teacher and to report any activity they feel would violate our safety policies.”

Students, staff or parents who become alarmed or learn of something that could be a threat to school safety, should notify the TISD police at [email protected] or 903 793-1695.