Nine girls, one crown


Story by Shelby Kelley, News Editor

Nine girls, nine dresses, nine talents, and one crown. A crown given to the the best of best.

Miss THS was held in the Sullivan Performing Arts Center, and senior Gabriella Bermea took the crown.

Among those competing along with Bermea were, Allye Prather (12), Logan Porter (12), Marlana Terry (11), Brianna Wesson (12), Brittany Rayburn (12), Olivia Walker (12), Victoria Knowles (12),and Natalie Portwood (9).

The girls enjoyed being a part of the pageant despite the awards. It gave them added confidence just being on the stage.

“To be in the pageant, I felt like I could just be beautiful,” senior Brianna Wesson said. “Not just on the outside, but the inside as well.”

Brianna took the award for best interview, showing that the pageant was based on so much more than looks.

“I was happy I was in the pageant,” Wesson said. “It shows Texas High is diverse in a lot of ways.”

First runner up was won by Logan Porter.

“I worked really hard to get so close to winning,” Porter said. “It was very bittersweet to get first runner up.”

Though some felt disappointment, legacy and friendship took the place of those feelings.

“I was really happy that Gabby won, but it was also really hard to work so hard and not get it in the end,” Porter said. “But I don’t regret doing it because I got to meet so many different people working on the pageant.”

Bermea also took home the talent award, and Miss Congeniality was won by senior Olivia Walker.

Although the girls enjoyed the experience of the pageant, most of the girls felt that practice should have began sooner.

“I wish we would’ve started sooner to plan,” Porter said. “I learned my dance within one week, and injured my rotator cuff in my hip.”

Despite the difficulties, the girls did not regret doing it.

“I really enjoyed being in the pageant,” Bermea said. “I was competing against a great group of girls, and I was so grateful to receive overall winner, and an award for my talent.”