New director talks future of theater


Jordan Rowe

On the right, new teacher Lindsey Thompson gives direction to class

Story by Kristin McCasland, viewpoint editor

After a year in transition, Lindsey Thompson has taken the lead as the Tiger Theatre Company’s new director.

Thompson’s involvement in theater began in high school.

“I came from a small town, and we didn’t have a theater company,” Thompson said. “I did one act in high school and took theater classes.”

Thompson’s experiences in high school led her to major in performance in college.

“I directed, I acted, I danced–everything,” Thompson said. “I was [at the theater] all the time.”

Her passion for theater inspired her to become a director after helping with a summer program for children at her former school in Center, TX.

“They wanted to incorporate the arts,” Thompson said. “They knew I was an artistic person, and they asked me, and I did it. I really enjoyed it.”

Thompson views her new position at Texas High with a sense of pride.

“My biggest thing that I hope to bring to Tiger Theatre is a sense of professionalism,” Thompson said. “When you show up at the theater, you come to work, much like football players when they go to practice.”

Thompson’s serious attitude toward rehearsals will help the Tiger Theatre Company achieve their goals.

“I would like us to advance in one act, and I would like to put on professional quality shows,” Thompson said. “I would also like to see more collaboration with students that are in all the classes, not just the few students who do the same things every year.”