College night offers opportunities for insight


Photo by Alyssa Kift

Students visit with an LSU recruiter.

Story by Victoria Van , staff writer

Students buzz around the cafeteria while representatives from various colleges speak excitedly with prospective students. College Night gives students from across Texarkana the opportunity to visit and speak with representatives from over 80 colleges, which allows students to gain insight on colleges and help shape their future paths after high school.

“I was hoping to come talk to the colleges and get a better understanding about tuition, dorm rooms and the whole college bundle,” senior Krysten Collins said. “It gets you into the flow of what college is going to be like.”

Many people attended the event to explore their career interests and get a better view of what colleges aim to offer. College night gave a lot of opportunities for students to look for places where they  were interested in going or just wanted to seek information about a certain college.

“[I wanted to] find a college that was more suitable for what I wanted to do,” junior Josh Mitchell said. “I want to go into computer science and I was looking for a college that was in my best interests.”

Students who were involved in the setup and stayed for College Night were surprised and excited to see people come from all over the city.

“There was a huge turnout,” sophomore Kevin Jacob said. “It was nice to see a lot of people interested in pursuing their future careers and seeing possible choices for their paths of life.”

Overall, the experience helped students narrow their decisions concerning college and maintain their goals.

“I think most people come here with a preconceived notion about what they want to do,” sophomore Davis Sutton said. “But I think tonight really helps people pinpoint what they want to do and how they are going to accomplish that.”