School spirit for the win

Read the following to catch up on spirit days


Photo by Alyssa Kift

Students participate on the “Halloween” spirit day during last year.

Story by Alexis Runnels, staff writer

Showing up to school to see hundreds of students dressed up in wacky costumes can make for a fun and uplifting day, even more so if you are one of those participating. Texas High holds spirit days for home games, rival weeks, Senior week and Homecoming week.

Spirit days are to get the student and teacher body active in their school and to pump up the football team for upcoming games. Students can even be rewarded for dressing up through bonus points from certain teachers or through cheer leaders at lunch handing out prizes.

“Cheer and Student Council are trying to give prizes to people who are really spirited and decorated in the lunches to encourage more people to participate,” said Susan Waldrep. “I am excited [for spirit days], I love them, and I think that teachers should celebrate too. I think it’s going to be a good year.”

Read the following for important information regarding spirit days and remember– participating is more fun than being a bystander!

Bishop Lynch: Aug. 30 – Hawaiian Day Lei out the Friars”

Texas – Arkansas Week: Sept. 5-8

  • Sept. 5 – Orange Out ORANGE you glad you’re a Tiger?
  • Sept. 6 – Apron Day Cook up a Win!
  • Sept. 7 – Camo Day On the HUNT for the Hogs!
  • Sept. 8 – Extreme Texas That’s what I like about Texas!

LE: Sept. 11-15 – Pick a side of Tiger Spirit

  • Sept. 11 – Red White and Blue Remember 9/11
  • Sept. 12 – Middle School vs Senior Citizens “Oldies AND Goodies
  • Sept. 13 – Decade vs Decade Blast from the Past!
  • Sept. 14 – Athletes vs Mathletes Gainz vs Brains!
  • Sept. 15 – Heroes vs Villains They will MARVEL over the Tigers!

Kilgore: Sept. 20 – Disney Day THS is the most MAGICAL place on Earth!

Marshall: Sept. 27 – Dress for Success Putting our Best Foot Forward

Sulfur Springs: Oct. 11 – Netflix Day The Tigers are BINGE Worthy!

Homecoming Week: Mt. Pleasant The Greatest Show on Earth

  • Monday – Hometown Heroes   The Real Tiger Heroes are GRREAT”

(dress like a first responder, doctor, fireman, police officer, teacher – who do YOU think is a hero in T-Town?)

  • Tuesday – Tye Dye Day We’re Earning our Stripes”
  • Wednesday – Dress Like Your Date Which Tiger is Which?”
  • Thursday – Neon Day “Our Tiger Stripes are Brighter than MP’s”
  • Friday – Pink Out Real Tigers Wear Pink”

Greenville: Oct. 25 – Welcome to the Jungle “Tigers are King of the Jungle”

Hallsville: Oct. 30 – Nov. 3 – Senior Week

  • Monday – Tourist Day The Tiger’s Picture is Clear in District Play”
  • Tuesday – Dress Like Your Favorite Senior Tigers Have a Senior Moment”
  • Wednesday – Western Day Corral the Bobcats
  • Thursday – Sci-fi “The Tigers are out of this World
  • Friday – White Out The Tigers are a BIC deal”

Pine Tree: Nov. 8 Rockstar vs. Rapper Tigers are the Real Stars”