We rise by lifting others


Senior english students are writing inspiring words to counteract the adversities that the Texas High community has faced. Submitted photo

Story by Langley Leverett, Editor in Chief

Organizations across the Texas High campus are partaking in acts of kindness throughout the week. Multiple teachers and student led groups are writing letters, posting notes and giving words of encouragement, as a way to help lift spirits in light of the recent tragedies.

National Honor Society, Theatre, American Sign Language Honor Society, the English Department, THS Publications and StuCo are participating, and any other students are welcome to join. All letters will be due throughout the week, and individuals can turn them into Holly Mooneyham or THS Publications.

These notes will be given to the affected families, as well as the student body during lunches.

“There is so much hurt and negativity in the halls of Texas High. We can say we are one big tiger strong family all we want, but until we act like it, then it’s just empty words and everyone knows it,” senior Colton Johnson said. “I’m tired of no one doing anything. I was thinking about how we could actually do something, and I know that forcing friendship is unrealistic, but if we could write these letters, people at least could have some kind of light and encouragement. I wanted to do something positive. We need it in our school. We can’t stop ignoring the fact that people are hurting. We can’t keep pushing it under the rug.”