Follow tips for ACT success

Story by Celeste Henderson

Every student who is planning to go to college will need to take the ACT at some point before they graduate high school. What many students don’t know is how to study for it. Here are some important tips on how to prepare for the ACT:

• Take advantage of the free online websites that give practice tests. ( and

• Don’t wait until the night before to decide to study.

• Time yourself when you are practicing to get used to the time restraints.

• Answer the questions you know first, then go back to the harder ones.

• Don’t spend more than a minute or two on each problem.

• Answer every question, as there is no penalty for guessing.

• Get a good night’s sleep the night before, and eat a good breakfast in the morning.

• Make sure you have a graphing calculator for the math section.

• Take the ACT more than one time.