Junior sets course record at TCC

Story by Elizabeth Cook, Sports Editor

With the crowd screaming and clapping, junior Cole Kennedy completed his last putt, securing the new course record at Texarkana Country Club. “I wasn’t thinking about how far I was going to go,” Kennedy said. “I was just having fun.”

Even though was enjoying himself, this tournament was not just fun and games for Kennedy. His score of 62 represents the new course record and beats several pros’ scores who played it including John Daly, David Duval, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Tiger Woods.

“This time, I had a caddy and he just kept me cool,” Kennedy said. “He definitely helped with shot selection and helped me visualize all my shots. I ended up making almost every putt I looked at.”

Upon learning of his score before the last hole, Kennedy knew he was in line for the record but managed to remained calm.

“When I was walking down the 18th I asked the caddy what the record was,” Kennedy said. “When he told me it was 63, I knew if I got a birdie I would have the record.”

Kennedy stayed calm and putted his way to victory.

“When I got it, I went nuts. I can barely remember what happened I was so happy,” Kennedy said. ”It was just really fun.”